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KEEWAY and Benelli has started their journey again in Bangladesh

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KEEWAY and Benelli has started their journey again in Bangladesh

These two brands KEEWAY and Benelli were present in the market of Bangladesh and their very beautiful bikes with modern designs and features were available. Unfortunately these two brands not being able to run their business properly in our Bangladeshi market and there was no bike or bike service available in their bike showroom. But the good news is that KEEWAY and Benelli brands are coming into the Bangladeshi local market again.

At first, they have begun their journey with Speedoz Limited in Bangladesh. Then the Navana Group was handed over and after that, the supply of bikes stopped because they could not manage their business properly. This time they are going to start a new journey in the market of Bangladesh by the hand of Rancon Motorbike Limited. Hopefully, we will see some exclusive bikes of KEEWAY ও Benelli with the new attractive features and new design very soon.

All the bikes of KEEWAY were in the market of Bangladesh are given below

  • Keeway K Blade 125

  • Keeway K Light

  • Keeway RK 125

  • Keeway RKR 165

  • Keeway RKS 100 v3

  • Keeway RKS 125

  • Keeway RKS 150

All the bikes of Benelli were in the market of Bangladesh are given below

  • Benelli TNT 150

  • Benelli 165S

It is hopefully said that KEEWAY and Benelli will come newly by the hand of Rancon Motorbike Limited in the Bangladeshi market and be able to offer new designs and features of bikes to the customers.

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