Tour to Birishiri by Keeway RKS 100 - Al Amin Khan Prince Bangla Version
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Tour to Birishiri by Keeway RKS 100 - Al Amin Khan Prince


At first I load the fuel tank by the fuel of 1000 taka and it is better to mention that the tank was totally empty and I just took the meter in zero.

Whatever goes, bikes were 5 in number Keeway, CBZ, Hero Passion, TVS Apache RTR.


We started our journey on 1.00am and reached in Mymensingh on 3.20am, road from Muktagacha to Mymensingh was so bad that we can't ever move over 2 gears. More 70 kilometer road was yet to go from Shomvubazar bridge to Netrokona cities previous road over jaora baza, which was just horrible till Birishiri. We reached in the Birishiri at 6 am.

Next we were set to watch Meghaloy, up to the hill. We were just amazed by the beauty. We wonder there around 2 hours up in the hill, we saw Indian border, flying of clouds and so many natural beauty which just touched our hearts.


Then we crossed the Shomesshori river next where is a Church and then the Bijoypur border.


We get back with a view to seeing the China hill and Nil river and we seen it which will be sweet memory in our hearts, we spend there around 1 and half hour with time of lunch. Then again 80 kilometer road from Dhobaura to Mymensingh which was horrible as well. When we reached at Mymensingh, the time was in watch 4.00pm and we had tea then in 4.20pm after then we were to the Dhaka-Mymensingh road through the Maskanda bus stand, how peaceful that was. 40 kilometer road till Valuka, we crossed in 20 minutes.

Then through the Tangail via Sokhipur in the time of 8.45 pm.

And now the matter is, 400 kilometer was on my meter and less others was 384 kilometer. I ride my bike with the flow of others and would have more pick up if the Mobil was changed.

Total journey was 19 hours.

Almost each of the person in the journey confess about their back pain but I have not. My one was in control in comfort.

I don't switched to reserve even after 400 kilometer ride but others member have to refill the fuel of 1200 taka.

The key ward is:
My expense was 1000 taka why because a pillion was in my back. Each have the same.

260 kilometer road was just terrible among the 400 kilometer.

I am just satisfied with my bike, well control with the comfort this bike has the both and suspension is well enough.

Stay safe and keep safe.

Al Amin Khan Prince

Total view: 3393

ভাই আমার এলাকায় বেরাতে আসছিলেন , জদি জানতাম তবে দেখা করতাম । আমি rks 125 রাইডার

23 January 2018, Midnight 04:48

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