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Honda Livo Disc 1550km riding experiences by Al Mamun

2021-06-06 Views: 85
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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This bike purchased from KR Bike Center, Rajshahi

Honda Livo Disc 1550km riding experiences by Al Mamun

My home is in the village but for study and family business I have to stay in the city at the same time I have to go to the village house almost every day if I am busy due to work. Getting to and from public transport was not a problem, but in the current Corona era it doesn't feel safe anymore and in the interest of personal freedom I bought the updated Livo Disc bike from Honda's new presentation of Livo model 4 months ago. So far I have ridden my Livo Disc bike for about 1550 kilometers.

Needless to say, during this time I didn't find anything to say about the problem directly on the motorcycle. However, I would like to mention two things that I think the company could have done better if they wanted to:

-The rear wheel of the Livo Disc bike seems very thin to me this is why, I often find it difficult to brake and balance the bike. I think the braking or balancing or control of this bike would have been much better if the rear wheel had been slightly wider.
-I'm a little hesitant about mileage. First of all, I want to say that I am currently getting a maximum mileage of 55 kilometers per liter, which seems to be much less than a bike of 110cc. Now you can say that the break in period of my Livo Disc bike is not over yet. Yes, I am also optimistic that at the end of the break-in period, I too will get 60-65 km per liter mileage.

Now if the question is why I have chosen the Honda Livo Disc model even though there are so many more bikes in the same segment on the market? In this case, my direct answer is that there is nothing new to say about the Honda brand. There are very few people in our country who have not heard the name of Honda and this reputation cannot be achieved in one day so I was weak towards this brand when I bought my bike and the reason behind choosing Livo Disc model was because of this model's elegantly stylish design and the brand. According to much lower prices. Moreover, I know that the resale of this bike is very good.

On the other hand, in these 4 months, I have ridden my Livo Disc 110cc bike continuously for 100 km in one day and reached a maximum speed of 60-65 km per hour. In terms of speed it is good to mention that after speeding up to 80 or 85 kilometers per hour it was definitely possible to pick up more speed but due to break-in period or compulsion I did not try anymore. And even after running 100 kilometers continuously, I did not notice any problem.

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