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Honda Dio User Review by Mahbuba Akhtari

2021-03-10 Views: 160
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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This bike purchased from KR Bike Center, Rajshahi

Honda Dio User Review by Mahbuba Akhtari

Known as a Japanese brand, Honda is a popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. As far as I know, Honda makes very good quality motorbikes with quality, excellent features, engine etc. As a female rider I need durable, safe and convenient motor vehiclefor my own. Speaking of scooters, it is very convenient for women to ride, because the scooter has less hassle and it is comfortable for girls. As an NGO worker I have to travel to different places, so public transport is not convenient and it takes more time. I have chosen to ride a scooter, because I can ride it by my own terms. I have seen manyscooters from different brands in the market to buy and I have liked the Honda Dio scooter. The reason behind, I have given more priority to its design and brand. Although the price of Dio scooter is higher than other scooters, I decided to buy it and on January 22, 2021, I bought it from reputed Honda dealer KR Bike Center in Rajshahi. Since the purchase, I have ridden about 1200 km so far. Below I am sharing all the experiences I have had with this scooter in 1200 km.

All the experiences I have based on the positive sides:

- I definitely like the design. There is a feeling of first-classquality in the design of this scooter. I have noticed from all aspects and its design is very beautiful.
- A mileage of 50 km or more is enough for me to travel in the city and that is what this scooter has confirmed. I got a mileage of 50 km by riding in the city. It is not possible for me to go on a long tour or highway with a scooter so I can't say exactly what kind of mileage I will get on the highway. I think this mileage is enough for city traffic and I am satisfied with the mileage of 50 km per liter.
- We know that Honda does not compromise on the engine of their vehicles. I feel the same way about my scooter. When I ride, I feel that the engine is very smooth and there is no vibration. However, if someone rides at a higher speed of 80 km per hour, then I think they might feel a little bit of vibration.
- Seating position is comfortable enough. I didn't feel any back pain while riding and its suspension gives much better support on broken roads. I have ridden on different roads in the city and felt that this scooter is very comfortable for any road.

All those experiences I have based on the bad sides:

- Since I have ridden 1200 km and by riding I have been able to understand at least a little bit about all the issues of this scooter and also where the shortcomings are. Riding the scooter I think that its braking system is less effective. The speed decreases when braking, but I think the braking needed to be improved a bit more.
- According to the features and performance, I think it would be better to reduce the price a little more.
By riding 1200 km I have got the above good and bad things and the more I ride the better and bad aspects will come out in front of me. One day I have accelerated this scooter to maximum speed of 80 km/h within the city and I have ridden 60 kilometers at once. I have a situation like losing confidence at top speed because of slight vibration and brakes, but I have not noticed any further problem with anything else while riding 60 km in one day.
I would say that you can buy this scooter if you want to buy based on my opinion of all the good and bad things that I have been.

Thanks for reading.

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