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Hero Splendor Plus user review by Shafiqul Islam
2018-11-08 Views: 230
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Hero Splendor Plus user review by Shafiqul Islam


I want to start my review by representing me before I start to talk about my motorcycle. My name is MD. Shafiqul Islam and my motorcycles name is Hero Splendor Plus 100cc. Each of the people must have special dream to keep on his life and aim towards it same way, I have one to have a bike with remarkable mileage along with reasonable price range. It was tough for me to have a bike as because of economic problem of my family but my dream come true just a year ago. It is good to mention that, I never feel boring to ride motorcycle and the motorcycle I purchased with the help of my family? It was badly needed to complete daily tasks of me and my family but recently this bike become almost my personal. I always use this one to complete my daily road transport. Same matter is positive on the matter of my father as well. We always prefer motorcycle in any short of our road trip.


I have chosen this one with the advice one of my friends but I expectation was to have better mileage and good performance. This bike of 100cc is the first bike of my life and I have ridden this one around 8000 kilometers in last a year. I am comfortable enough with this motorcycle in any short of riding even I never feel any discomfort with my whole family over it. I can move free and easily. Same time, I can control this motorcycle quite easily as because its size is not so big. But I faced an accident in last period of time I have been using this one and suffer a severe injury in my hands and legs but I can't notice any major damage in my bike. As you can guess so far, I am here to introduce my bike in front of you in the light of my experience. I would like to Thanks MotorcycleValley to serve me such a chance. I hope the readers are going to stay to the last of my article and you are going to have all those information which you were looking for so long.

At first I want to talk about the engine performance and quality of my bike why because, Engine is the key part of a bike. My motorcycles Engine is very much perfect as because, I never feel anything like negative in the last a year. Its sound is pretty good to listen in my ear. I have tested the engine of my bike in the high speed as well where it performs nicely without any bad noise even the performance is normal like new one.

When the question is about the design of my bike? It is really good one in my opinion. Meanwhile, the plastics over its body are very much strong to support for a long time I think. I become sure when I faced accident as I didn't have to pay lot to repair damage. Its build quality is also remarkable. Color is still amazing to look at. At the same time, looking glass show me the exact view of my rear side wherever I am. This motorcycle is just amazing to use for general purpose of communication.

Although, this motorcycle look like tiny in size but this one has a wide seating position. I hardly feel any problem to ride this one even with 2 – 3 persons at a time. On the other hand, I can touch the ground quite easily from the seating position why because, seating positions height is not so tall. Switches are nice to look at same time, I don't yet feel any problem to use those so far. Headlight serve me good quantity of light in the night by which I always have clear view of my front like day light. Handlebar is good to mention but I have to go through pain in my hands, back and also in waist. I have ridden my bike around 150 kilometers a day and picked up the top speed of 80 kilometers per hour. I am sorry to mention that I have to tolerate a acute vibration whenever I cross the speed of 65 kilometers per hour. Suspensions are good to say, I can feel the shake of the rough road when I am on the rough road condition but I never feel any discomfort while on the metaled road. I am really happy with the mileage range of my bike. Its the best one on the matter of mileage. Looking glass supports me finely and battery quality is good to mention. Tyres has excellent gripping ability by which I hardly feel any skidding in the wheels while stopping in emergency basis.

I never been to the servicing center even with my bike. Whenever I feel any problem in my bike, I took it to the nearest servicing center in our local market. Same time, I don't yet felt any major trouble in my bike. I hope my bike is going to serve equally in future. I mostly happy with the mileage range of my bike. But I mostly have ride my bike on the unmetalled road as I live in the village. My bike serve the mileage of 50 – 55 kilometers per liter when I ride my bike on the unmetalled road condition and 60 – 65 kilometers per liter when on the metaled roads. I think this range is good enough as a 100cc bike. When to talk about the price scale of Hero Splendor Plus 100cc? According to its quality, features and others performance, I think this one is just a perfect one according to its price. The most important matter is, its price is reducing with the flow of time that is why, selling rate is going higher and higher.
As we all know that, in the recent market of motorcycles where high range motorcycles selling rate is not so high.

If you are thinking to have a bike of 100cc segment then you can think about this one by considering its mileage at first. I am mostly happy with my bike because of its mileage range. I always feel free and easy with my Hero Splendor Plus 100cc. I hope you are going to feel the same as mine.

You can put this one on the top of your choice list if you are interested to have simple and gentle bike of 100cc segment.

Thats all from me today. Thanks to all.

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