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GPX Demon GR165R Features Review

2021-02-25 Views: 156

GPX Demon GR165R Features Review

GPX Demon GR165R Square

GPX Started their journey only a decade back in Thailand, but nowadays their products are renewed across many countries. They have introduced finest quality motorbikes in various segments, and for Bangladesh they have recently provided a younger sibling of GPX Demon 200, namely GPX Demon GR 165R. It is a pure sports motorcycles, which comes with pure sporty features. Starting from aerodynamic design to wider radial sports track tires everything seems ready to challenge other sports segment bikes. This recently launched bike has lot more things to offer for the sports bike lovers, want to know what they are, then lets us have a discussion about it.

Attractive features of GPX Demon GR 165R-

GPX Demon GR165R Design & looks

Eye catching sports looks& Design:
This bike has been built with the thinking of pure race track theme. Targeted users are sports lovers and that is the reason behind the aggressive built. Starting from the front, split dual headlamps and the raised windshield gives this bike might sporty look. Coming to the mid-section, aggressive and upraised fuel tanker gives mated with the split sporty seating gives this bike pure sporty posture to ride on. Fully fairing kits covers 50% of the furl tankers and give the side look much better view. Dual tone color shades matching with the black shade give this bike premium glance. Wider discs, sporty exhaust, wide radial tires, thin rear design with number plate holder everything makes this bike superior at the outlook. This overall body structure is built over trellis frame, which ensures the durability for long run.

GPX Demon GR165R Engine

EFI engine with liquid cooling system:
Nowadays most of the bike users wants to have fuel efficient bike, on the other hand they want good performance and durability. Combining all these EFi engine placement is necessary. For Demon GR165 GPX didn’t compromised and placed EFi engine with Liquid cooled system for high end performance. Looking at the specification of the engine we have, 164.4cc 4-Stroke, 1 Cylinder, 2 Valve, SOHC engine with liquid cooling system and advanced EFi. This engine can produce up to 17.8Bhp @ 9000rpm max power and 16.0Nm @ 6500rpm max torque. With this kind of power this bike can be accelerated 0-60 with 4 seconds. Furthermore, 6 speed transmission gear box will help this bike to raise up to 140 KM/H top speed (Company claimed).


Full LED Lighting:
For this New Demon GPX has installed fully LED setup. Side indicators, Front and Rear laps, instrument cluster all are mated with LED lighting system.

GPX Demon GR165R Meter panel & Features

Full Digital LED meter with soft Touch setting system:
Fully Digital and Black screen Display panel is seen at Demon 165R. This newly introduced meter panel has all the necessary features like, speedo, Clock, fuel gauge, RPM counter and gear Counter. All these features can be fixed with soft touch setting system buttons and they are really very handy to use.

GPX Demon GR165R Suspension

YSS 7 step Adjustable rear and Upside Down front suspensions:
YSS is one of the renowned Motor vehicle parts manufacturer and for GPX has used their top quality Mono shock absorbers for this new Demon. For the second time in Bangladesh GPX has introduced 7 step adjustable Rear mono suspension. At the front side for better stability and pure race track feel Demon 165R comes with Upside Down suspensions.

Specification of DEMON GR 165R:

GPX Demon GR165R Dimension

Body Dimension:
Well, we already mentioned it is a sports bike, therefore body dimensions will also be sportier. For this beast Body dimensions are little bit different comparing to other sports type bikes in Bangladesh. The length of this bike is longer comparing to other sports type 165cc bikes, which is 747mm, width is 2020mm and the overall height is measured 1145mm. as a sports bike the seat height seems to be little bit raised, which is 815mm. Wheelbase is 1350 mm and the ground clearance is counted 150 mm. This bike has an 11liters fuel tank capacity and including all these this bike weighs 155KG in total.

GPX Demon GR165R Brakes and tires

Brakes and tires:
According to the demand of time there are no sign of ABS braking system in DEMON 165R. However, both side effective Disc brakes are seen.
For the tire sections GPX installed 100/80 tires at the front and 140/70 Tires at the rear side and both are Tubeless. Individually the tires are placed over strong built alloy wheels.

As we mentioned earlier, every single light set up of this bike comes with LED. To operate them properly GPX installed 12v 6.3Ah maintenance free battery.

GPX Demon GR165R Colors

This speed demon will be available in three different color shades, they are Black space, RED fire and Matt Grey. All the colors are very fascinating and they are dual toned.

Looking all the features of this newly introduced sports bike, we can consider this bike as a ready piece to challenge its competitors. From top to bottom this bike is loaded with modern touch and except a few shortage it is a compact sports bike. Now the rest is up the users who will decide the fate of this new machine. All GPX bike price in bd
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