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Bajaj Pulsar 150 user review by Aminul Islam


Assalamu Alaikum. My name is MD. Aminul Islam, a lecturer of Bagatipara Degree College of Natore. Its almost been 2 years since I'm using “Bajaj Pulsar 150cc” before this one, I have used so many bikes. First one was “Suzuki” and then I frequently switched to different bikes including “Hero Honda Splendor” and now I'm with “Bajaj Pulsar 150cc” which is chosen by my only daughter. I mainly use my bike to commute in my college and to shorten the way of my home to different places. The reason is the distance of my home to office and for this, I feel the essential of a bike. I would like to say that, Bajaj Pulsar is a nice and gentle family bike and thats why I can travel with my whole family very easily. As I'm using this one from the last 2 years, I'm going to share my opinion and experience about this bike in this short term of experience.

“Bajaj Pulsar” is one of the popular bike of Bangladesh. If someone ask me to advice which bike should one should purchase? I always keep this name at first. This one was favorite to me from the beginning but I made my decision only because of my daughter. Ignoring all these reason, its design and others features is really very much gentle for the gentleman I personally think. I feel very comfortable to ride this one although, I never made any long tour with bike but the time I ride this one, its give me the pleasure to ride even without any trouble or back pain.

I don't want to say anything about its design and build quality why because there is nothing new to say on this matter. This part of this bike is just awesome and the build quality is very much strong. One of the main reason to purchase this bike is, its design and build quality. Its seating position is really nice and according to the position of its seat, handlebar is positioned accurately which is also comfortable to hold. On the other hand, switches on the handlebar are also in a nice quality so far to me. Its light of the headlight is also good in short of dark ways and considering all the features of this one, it is very comfortable bike to me.

But one of its features is very interesting to me and it is the electric switch which works much better in the winter. Just a press and the engine starts which is really a positive part of this bike to me where other bikers hardly feel the need of it and thats why I like this bike most.


Its control is really special to me. I have noticed the top speed of others bike but non of them like this one. It is pretty easy to have 70-80 kilometer per hour with just a few seconds. Braking and suspension is also a special part of this bike for me. I never feel any vibration even in the top speed. Its shock-up works so well by which I never feel any shake. Engines performance is pretty nice one to me specially its light sound.


But one of the major black part this bike, its fuel expense is not pleasant to me at all. Currently I'm having 40 kilometers per liter which is very much less then others bikes same time, this one is one of the negative part of this I think. According to others features of this bike, its price is just fine and OK and I'm not going to say anything about this.

Good parts of bike
- Design is very nice and well decorated
- Build quality is very strong
- Family size bike
- Cool and nice sound of the engine
- Even in the winter, one press in the electric switch and the engine starts

Negative parts
- Mileage is seriously downwards

After all, by considering its design performance and others features “Bajaj Pulsar 150cc” is really a charming bike. Age is not going to be a fact to ride this one. If someone thinking about this then I will suggest you strongly to purchase this one. Why because, I never ever made any mistake by using or purchasing this one and you guys are welcome to have this one.

Thanks to all.
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