Bajaj Avenger 150 Street user review by Mizanur Rahman Sajib Bangla Version
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Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Bajaj Avenger 150 Street user review by Mizanur Rahman Sajib


My name is Mizanur Rahman Sajib and I am a student. From my childhood I have a fascination about motorcycles. I often saw my father travelling with bikes for different purpose and sometimes he takes me with him. From then I hold a dream to ride my own bike. After that I learned bike riding and started to ride different bikes but I loved cruiser category bikes the most. Because cruiser category motorcycles are very stylish and they are different in design and style, that’s why I purchased Bajaj Avenger 150cc cruiser category bike for my own. Till now I have driven 6000 kilometers with my bike and today I am going to share all my bad and good experience about this bike which I noticed within these 6000 kilometers.


I have learned bike riding at the year 2006 and that bike which I used for learning was Yamaha 100. That bike was one of the favorite bikes of my fathers and he trained me how to ride a bike by himself. After I learned bike riding properly my attraction becomes my passion and I used to ride my friends and family members motorcycles whenever I got a chance. I travelled Dhaka with my friend’s motorbike because of my riding passion. Before I purchased Avenger I have used many bikes among those Hero Splendor, Bajaj CT 100, Yamaha 100 etc are top of the list. As I said before I love cruiser bike the most that’s why I used to hold a dram to have stylish motorcycle of my own. After I came to know that Bajaj is bringing a stylish cruiser motorcycle at the local market in our country I can’t hold myself. Without wasting any time I purchased this bike. After I ride this bike I couldn’t remember other bikes how they were. I just love the bikes riding experience and specially the engine sound. I always enjoy my riding when I hear the engine sound of my bike.


Brakes and suspensions of my bike
Firstly I want say about the brakes; in one word they are excellent. Till now I didn’t faced any kind of skidding problem or uncomfortable situation when I hit those brakes hard of my bike. I can use both side brakes with great confidence at any kind of situation and for this I feel really comfortable at the riding period. I just loved the design of front disc brake of this bike. On the other hand my bikes suspensions didn’t disappoint me at all. From the village roads to crowded city roads I am very comfortable because of these suspensions.



Mileage and top speed of my bike
As I said before I had traveled 6000 kilometers with my bike and I have got 50 KM/L + mileage always. I think because of the DTSi engine this bike offers better mileage then the other cruisers. Wide tyres, muscular body and powerful engine but the mileage is also very pleasant what should I need more than this. I have traveled 400 kilometer in a day with my bike and I didn’t have to face any kind of problem with the mileage and overall performance. Along with the mileage this bike offers superb speed as well. I have personally tested that and I have got 120 KM/H sped at the highways and I think it can be increased more. So I am satisfied with both the mileage and speed.


Other things I noticed
Without mileage, speed, brakes and suspension I have noticed others things too. And all are satisfactory. I got great support of the headlight of my bike at the night journeys. Though this bikes headlamp sixe is smaller but it offers good power which I liked. Without that the other electrical features and the meter panel is very charming and helpful for confident riding. Most importantly few indicators like battery and fuel are placed at the upper side of the fuel tank which makes the outlook more eye-catching of this bike.

Good things of my bike
- I think this bike has instant pickup which is really supportive.
- Wide seating position.
- Good controlling and handling.
- Better mileage and speed.
- Outstanding design and look.


Few bad things of my bike
- This bike contains analogue meter panel which I didn’t like at all, it can be placed with modern features.
- There is no kick starting option and because of that anytime I can face difficulties like battery power shortage. But still I haven’t faced this type of problem.
- Need to change the engine oil after every 1000 kilometers or else the gear shifter won’t work smoothly.

These are my own observation within these 6000 kilometers. I think every machine will have both good and bad sides but if the performance is pleasant then those bad sides can be ignored easily. I am satisfied with my bikes performance.

Ride safe, please wear helmet.

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