16000 Taka Discount on Runner Bike
2019-09-07 Views: 2114

16000 Taka Discount on Runner Bike


Great News from Runner! They have decided to launch an offer for their customer which is the incensement of the EID special offer. And that is why they are saying EIDER KHUSHI CHOLUK BOCHOR JURE.

All the companies are in a race to satisfy their customers and especially inside the motorcycle market that is not a new thing. All the manufacturing and providers always tries to give superior facilities for their customers for having a good sale. Eid offers are almost over and many companies are trying to continue those gifts and offers for their customer’s good will. Regarding that Runner has just announced a new discount offer which will be effective till the next notice. Assured discount will be as given below.

BIKE RT: Recent price- TK 64,000, Discount Offer- TK 5000, Price after Discount- TK 59000


Recent price- TK 83000, Discount Offer- TK 16000, Price after Discount- TK 67,000

AD80S DELUXE: Recent price- TK 85000, Discount Offer- TK 16000, Price after Discount- TK 69,000

CHEETA: Recent price- TK 87000, Discount Offer- TK 8000, Price after Discount- TK 79,000

F100-6A: Recent price- TK 88000, Discount Offer- TK 8000, Price after Discount- TK 80,000

BULLET: Recent price- TK 105,000, Discount Offer- TK 10000, Price after Discount- TK 95,000

ROYAL+: Recent price- TK 101,000, Discount Offer- TK 10000, Price after Discount- TK 91,000

KITE+: Recent price- TK 91,000, Discount Offer- TK 8000, Price after Discount- TK 83,000

TURBO-125: Recent price- TK 130,000, Discount Offer- TK 12,000, Price after Discount- TK 118,000

KNIGHTRIDER: Recent price- TK 156,000, Discount Offer- TK 12,000, Price after Discount- TK 144,000

Besides all these new price for three UM Runner bikes are also given, UM Xtreet 150: TK 160,000, UM Renegade Commando: TK 240,000, UM Renegade Sport: TK 260,000.

Up to TK 16000 cash back is offered inside this discount proposal. Selected items can be purchased through installment as well and that starts from TK 3638 only. Until further notice this announcement will continue with few conditions throughout all the Runner showrooms and dealer points, so visit for yours.

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