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Lifan KPR user review by Safwan Hossain


I got this bike on 25th of November on 2016 from Rasel Industry.

I was in little bit confusion on the matter of purchase this bike when there is an absolute rumor about the Chinese bike on the point of quality. My budget was lower but I was in need of sports bike. And thats why I submit 2 posts in the facebook group “Dui Chakka” with the headline of KPR or RTR.

I got some good review about KPR as well as the service of Rasel Industry is mentionable I also found and this is the major reason I made my decision about KPR. I'm going to say something about the bike Which from my personal experience only.

ODO- 14001km
LOOK- Good enough
COMFORT – I'm going give this one 7 out of 10. Because of the monoshock which somehow not so comfortable to me.


Controlling: This one is very interesting in this bike but it could be better if the foot would little bit backward. But to manage this giant of 150kg, this weight is enough stop this bike through the break.

Breaking: Dual disk breaking system is enough to do some good result but the rear disk of “Hunk” “Trigger's” pad made it better then ever it was. Front disk is well enough and break pad is from the RTR and now its performing better.

KIT: There is nothing to say about the KIT of KPR. I had witnessed the accident of KPR but the KIT was not broken. Its fairing is just awesome.

Head light: As it is LED projection, its light is heavy. I found the enough support on the highway.

Tyres: Still on the stock. At first I was in a tense that the hard rubber could be fail to hold the proper grip but now I can feel the proper grip as well as the excellent running ability.


Performance: In a word, it is something like the CBR of the poor.

Top: So far I can reach up to 133 KMPH but I can say that, this could be more then I got.
MILEAGE: City 36-40
On the highway 40+

Now lets come to the matter of problems
Gear is somehow hard when the clutch is on full hold then it feels little bit easy. If the idle RPM gone under 1500 then the start going to be off but it is on the jam or the over pulling of pick up. This is better to say that, these are not major problems.

It takes a wide place in U tern and it is good to be lean when cornering which are not the major problems as well.

Tour: This is a well enough bike for Tour.

There are lot more to say but not possible to write them all. Thanks to all.
At the last one thing is better to clear that, this bike serves me a lot till now and I never feel that she is cheated me, I hope I will keep this bike with a heavy care by which I don't have to think anything negative about this bike.

Please forgive me if there any mistake in the writing and if you have any question to answer then please go forward.

Thank you.

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