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Yamaha MT15 user review by Shahriar Akash

MT means Master of Torque and another is the dark side of Japan. Today I am going to share with you my user experience with th...

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Yamaha R15M User review by –Akash

Yamaha has some wonderful bikes in the premium segment and In this segment, by adding new features they have been able to prov...

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Yamaha FZS V3 User Review by –Abdur-Rahman

Yamaha is my favorite brand since my childhood and I feel a different feeling about this brand of bike. When this Yamaha FZS V...

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Zontes 155 G1 user review by – Asaduzzaman

I always like to use unique products? This Zontes 155 G1 caught my eye when it first came to the market in Bangladesh and I fi...

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Yamaha FZS V3 User Review by – Shakti

Yamaha is a trusted name in the market of Bangladesh and this brand is my favorite. When I started riding bikes I had an attra...

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Zontes 155 G1 46000 Kilometer Riding Experience by – Mamun

I always prefer a bike while traveling anywhere because this vehicle can fulfill my riding requirements and it's easy to move ...

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Zontes ZT155 GK has a unique design in this segment - Nur Islam

I always like to try to use unique products and the same is the case with bikes. Before purchasing this Zontes ZT155 GK I had...

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Zontes 155 G1 is the best bike for its features : Saddam

In the market of our country, Zontes has brought many beautiful bikes with different designs out of which I like the Zontes 15...

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TVS Metro Plus RE 110cc Feature Review

TVS Motorcycles has excellent popularity in Bangladesh, especially when it comes to speed and commute, they have good range of...

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Lifan KP165 4V Feature Review

Overview: When it comes to Lifan we start remembering KPR, which embraced users whom had a great devotopn over full fairing s...

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Bike Tips

Why accurate tire pressure is essential?

Accurate tire pressure plays an important role while riding a bike. Different tire companies in the market have different type...

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Reasons behind your driving license can be revoked

A driving license is mandatory for any motor vehicle as per the Motor Vehicle Act. A bike rider should have a driving license ...

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Famous Travel Destinations in Bangladesh:

1) Boga Lake: Among the three hill tracts in Bangladesh, Bandarban is probably the most mystical and beautiful. Boga Lake i...

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Popular Biking Routes of Bangladesh

At present, among the bikers of Bangladesh there is seen a trend of bike touring. The reasons behind this tour are road condit...

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Driving License Different Fees at a Glance

We must have a driving license while bike riding. On the other hand, all the bike riders who have driving licenses have to renew...

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How to Re new Driving Licence?

Those of who use bikes in daily life Driving Licence is very important to them. It is a legally punishable offense to drive a mo...

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Scooter or E-Bike Which One to Buy? Why?

Scooters have gained a lot of popularity in our current market. This vehicle is user friendly so everyone can use it. At present...

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Most Common Problems of bikes during winter and its solutions

The winter is knocking at our door and the amusement has already begun all over the country that’s why there is a tendency amo...

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Common Mistakes we do Buying Old Bikes

It cannot be denied that buying a bike is kind of dream come true for every biker. This moment becomes more even more enjoyable ...

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How to change the name after buying / selling used bikes?

One common question always asked by the buyers of used bikes. Which is how to transfer the name? and what are the process? There...

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Bike News

Bajaj Pulsar N160 Price in 2023

Finding a biker in Bangladesh who uses a bike but does not know the Pulsar name is not only difficult but almost impossible. A nam...

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TVS Raider 125 Price in Bangladesh 2023

Even before the arrival of TVS Raider 125 bike in Bangladesh, commuter bike lovers as well as sports segment bike lovers have ...

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10,000 off on Yamaha R15M & R15 V4 on prebooking

One of the best premium sports bikes in Bangladesh motorcycle market is Yamaha R15M and R15 V4, which has always been on the t...

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10,000 Taka off on Victor-R Café Racer 125 bike and Wind Breaker Free

Famous Café Racer bike in Bangladesh is Victor-R Café Racer 125 which is one of the most preferred motorcycles of the keen...

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Zontes ZT155 U all models available at a discount of Tk 18,000

“ZONTES BEAT THE HEAT OFFER” is going on where you can buy any model of Zontes ZT155 U at a discount of TK. 18000. It i...

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Exciting offer on Zontes 155 G1 bike, Available at 15000 Taka off

"BEAT THE HEAT OFFER" is running on each model of Zontes 155 G1 where you can buy any model of Zontes 155 G1 for Tk. 3,74,000 ...

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Summer offer on Zontes ZT155 GK, get 10000 off

Zontes is one of the most popular motorcycle brands of today's young bike lovers. Each model of the brand is a little different ...

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Bajaj Bike Price in Bangladesh May 2023

Bajaj is one of the most popular brands of motorcycles in Bangladesh. Known for its excellent value for money, performance, du...

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The top 5 countries in South Asia in terms of motorcycle usage do not include Bangladesh

There can be seen that the number of motorcycle usage is much higher than in other continents if we notice at the Asian contin...

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Bajaj with the Joy of Eid, Even after Eid

Bajaj is one of the best motorcycle brands among the top level bike lovers of Bangladesh and the reason behind this popularity i...

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Motorcycle Dealers and Showrooms in Bangladesh
Showroom NameBrandsDetails
Arham MotorsBajajDetails
Shoaib Bajaj WorldBajajDetails
Mugdho AutoHondaDetails
Mridha Bike TradersBajajDetails
Kasba BajajBajajDetails
Rafiqul MotorsBajajDetails
City MotorsBajajDetails
Jheel MotorsBajajDetails
Tanha MotorsBajajDetails
Kushtia Bajaj PointBajajDetails
Masud Bajaj GalleryBajajDetails
Islam MotorsBajajDetails
Zam Zam MotorsBajajDetails
Jaheda EnterpriseBajajDetails
Sheikh MotorsBajajDetails
Noor BajajBajajDetails
J S EnterpiseBajajDetails
Bike CityBajajDetails
Sanjoy TradingBajajDetails
Ammar BajajBajajDetails
Shibly MotorsBajajDetails
Marjan MotorsBajajDetails
Rising SunBajajDetails
Al-Raji MotorsBajajDetails
Jaflong BajajBajajDetails
Suprova AutomobileBajajDetails
Astha AutosBajajDetails
Sazid EnterpriseBajajDetails
Masud TradersBajajDetails
Krishna MotorsBajajDetails
Sher Ali Bike CenterBajajDetails
Razib MotorsBajajDetails
Khan MotorsBajajDetails
Bakkar & SonsBajajDetails
Singra BajajBajajDetails
Raj MotorsBajajDetails
Sarker BajajBajajDetails
Firoz MotorsBajajDetails
A B MotorsBajajDetails
M MotorsBajajDetails
Jinan MotorsBajajDetails
Shariful Machinery & MotorsBajajDetails
Salam EnterpriseBajajDetails
Shusan Bajaj MotorsBajajDetails
S K Bajaj HouseBajajDetails
Khanshama MotorsBajajDetails
Talukder MotorsBajajDetails
Sumaiya MotorsBajajDetails
Anwar BajajBajajDetails
Satkania BajajBajajDetails