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Yamaha R15 v2 user review by Al Rifat
2018-06-11 Views: 1579
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Yamaha R15 v2 user review by Al Rifat


Hello everyone! I am AL Rifat and I am student. I live in Rajpara, Rajshahi. Besides study I like to ride bike and travel a lot. One of the interesting story of mine is I ride bikes when I was in fifth standard. On that time I wasn’t able to touch my both feet properly at the ground but I used to ride bikes. First bike which I used for riding was my elder brothers Dayang 80. After that Bajaj Pulsar 150 was my ride. For long time I was riding this bike and I started to getting bored because I was rising and my passion about bikes was also getting into new and modern bikes. So I decided to have a bike. As we both brothers used to ride bikes so I asked my parent to buy a new bike. After a long discussion they finally accept out request. I discussed with my friend and bike experts and thinking a lot I bought Yamaha R15 V2 from K.R bike center Rajshahi. One of the best part of this bike is the design and look of it I really liked it the most. It is almost similar to racing type bikes. So both my passion and dream comes true purchasing this bike. No big reasons were behind except the look to buy this bike. I am using this motorcycle for almost one year and within this time ten thousand kilometers are up at the meter count. I really like this bike and I enjoy my every ride.

Engine, I must confess one thing that I really like the engine performance. Till now I have speed up this bike up to 117 KM/H speed but I never felt uncomfortable or found any bad noise. I always have fast acceleration from this bike and no extra heating is seen at the engine. I am pleased with the engine performance.

Another exciting and attractive thing of this bike is its design. I already said that this bike holds similar kind of looks as racing bikes and the body parts are very strong and durable too. I never feel that these body parts will break down that easily.

For many reasons I have to travel a lot and I have to sit over a bike for long duration. Riding seat of this bike is perfect for me and I feel very relaxed seating over the seat. But after long riding it causes back pain. As I said during high speed riding no bad noise poor pain in hand or anywhere else was marked. After using this bike for long time no problem happens with me. Switches placed at the handle bar are perfect for using and also good looking. As I am a regular bike user so I have to travel at night as well. At the night journey one of the important things is the power of headlamp. I never get disappointed about the headlamp I always get good power support from it. Once I and my friends traveled to Natore from Rajshahi and on that day I traveled about 100 kilometers in one day. Braking system of this bike is perfect and never felt that it needs to be better than now. Tyre gripping is also excellent and while hard braking they don’t skid. Sometimes without I have to ride at the off kind of roads though I don’t want to, and at this kind of roads shaking is a compulsory thing. But because of the effective and comfortable suspensions OF my R15 V2 I feel less shaking and ride with stability.

While purchasing this bike from the showroom they claimed I will get 40-44 KM/l mileage but I am getting 30-32 KM/L mileage at this moment. I am satisfied with the mileage because this kind of beast need duel to run the engine.

I have visited the servicing center for few times and I realized that they are well equipped, has capable workers and most importantly they are well behaved. I also like the environment of that place. I am satisfied.

I personally think based on the features and performance the price of this bike is little bit higher.
Almost everything is perfect of this bike except the pillion seat because it is way higher.
I will request to the company for placing a gear indicator if possible.

Thank you.

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