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TVS XL100 user review by Ayub Ali
2018-10-19 Views: 433
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TVS XL100 user review by Ayub Ali


Before starting my opinion about my motorcycle I want to introduce myself with you all. I am MD.Ayub Ali. Presently I don’t do a fixed job or business but I do have some domestic animals like cows and goats and with them I earn some money. For my personal transportation I bought a motorcycle and that is named TVS XL 100. The place I bought this motorcycle is named Khan Motors and it is situated in Puthia Rajshahi. Almost one and a half months are passed and I have ride around 400 kilometers with this motorcycle. I ride this bike only when I need, so you can say I am not a regular user.


After using this bike for around two months I realized that it might be a small one but the engine performance is admirable. But currently I am facing a problem which is bothering so much and that is this bike is not getting started at the morning that easily. But pressing the choke if I try to start up then it will get started. As this motorcycle is new so I do not like this kind of starting options actually. Without that I am not facing any other problems. The engine is really powerful enough to carry two pillions and I personally tested that. Though the engine sounds much but I like the sound. As a 100cc smaller bike it can offer fast acceleration. According to my age I have bought this bike and before doing that I took suggestion from few peoples as well. Finally all of them suggested me about this motorcycle.

I personally like the braking system of this motorcycle because the braking is the same kind of bicycle braking. Two brakes are placed at the front with the handle bar alike the bicycle. Left hand brake is for the rear one and right hand brake is for the front side. For this reason anyone can have good control over this vehicle. Like the other bikes there is nothing to do with the legs. Only one thing to do with your legs is to start up this bike. It is really easy for the users to ride this bike because the more you accelerate the more you will get speed. No gear shifting and for that it is easier for the riders. For this reason this motorcycle is similar to bicycles at the looks.

Another reason behind having this bike was the fuel cost; I expected good mileage from it. As I am a villager so I have to ride most of the time at the village roads, here I getting 50-53 KM/L mileage and at the city roads I get 60 KM/L mileage. When I bought this bike I was told from the showroom that it will offer around 60-70 Km/L mileage but I am happy with what I am getting now. I have nothing to complain about, so my desire is fulfilled that I can say.

As I said before I have taken two pillions behind me, so this bike might look smaller but you can travel with two persons easily. This is also the very first bike which I used to learn riding and for that reason I cannot ride at very high speed. So I prefer riding my speed limit of 40-45 KMH though most of the time I ride at the speed of 30-35 KM/H. talking about my long distance ride, in one day I traveled around 20 Kilometers. I also ride at the night time when it is necessary. On that time I figure out that the headlamp offers good light for riding. And the operating switches of the electrical are also easy to use so I never feel any problems with them. Battery condition is also very well to go with and for that Horn, rear lights, indicators and everything works perfectly. Tyre grips are also perfect according to me. For that reason I never face skidding problem while controlling this bike at difficult situations. Looking glasses are also in high in quality and those are very helpful for me to watch my back.

Till now I visited the servicing center once, I like the environment of that place but I didn’t like their working quality, because they cannot solve the starting problem of my motorcycle. After fixing that problem I am having it again from the day after.

So finally I would like to say to the company that, I am facing the starting problem from the very beginning so please make sure this problem never happens to other motorcycle like me, because if this problem remains then the faith will be broken of the users. Without this problem this motorcycle is up to the mark within reasonable price. I personally think it should have been better if the self starting option is placed at this bike.

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