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Suzuki Lets Scooter review by Mir Rabbi
2018-11-08 Views: 323
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Suzuki Lets Scooter review by Mir Rabbi


My name is Mir Rabbi and I learned to riding bike 6 years ago from now. I learned to ride bike through Honda HS 100. I always feel proud as because I learned to riding bike through this legendary motorcycle. Same time, I have gained an exceptional experience while learning riding bike through that which I can implement in the current motorcycles. After then I have ridden so many bike and the latest one is Suzuki Lets. This one mainly a scooter category bike and the topmost advantage of a scooter is, one can move easily with a scooter inside the city. Many of the biker often consider scooter as the vehicle of the girls but I think scooter is the best one to move in the cities, no matter who you are. I have been using this scooter from the last 5 months and I am feeling the exact comfort of using a scooter. Today I am to uphold my experience with my scooter Suzuki Lets which I have gathered in the last 5 months.


Design is good in my view but its not a perfect one rather it would have been better then it is. Some graphics is been used over this scooter which enhance its beauty in a large number. Although the design is acceptable but I am not happy with the build quality of this one why because the plastic parts over its body are made with low quality according to the price. Company can upgrade the body plastics.

Seating position is good both for rider and the pillion. Specially the pillions seat is much more wider then the riding seating position that is why pillion can feel better feelings then the rider. I have ridden this one 150 kilometers (Rajshahi – Chapai – Rajshahi) and I hardly feel any tiredness or any short of pain in my body. This scooter is quite comfortable from the matter of comfort.
Engine don't have any serious vibration, when I pick up high RPM then I have to feel extra vibration. One of the most amazing part of the engine of my bike is, there is no manual gear in this one so tension about to reduce or high the gear.

Its engine is 110cc and its power is really remarkable. Its become over heat but there is no waste of power even on the over heating condition. I found the top speed of 100 kilometers per hour on the highway.

Although the breaking system of this bike has drum breaks in the both wheel but I never feel anything less to have the exact control over this one. I can't sense any skidding even on the emergency breaking rather it stops smoothly. But I think it should have disc break as a scooter of modern time.

Scooter is mainly perfect to ride on the cities and for this reason, its suspensions are quite good to serve fine performance on the roads of the cities. When the road is roughly rough then I have to tolerate jumping of my scooter then the scooters performance is not like normal. But its performance is remarkable when on the normal road condition.

I am having the mileage of 70 kilometers per hour and the fuel tank has the ability to hold 5 liters of fuel at a time. I personally think that this mileage is just perfect to move on the cities and this mileage is also perfect to manage daily activities. To be frank on the matter of mileage, I am really happy with its mileage range.

I have purchased this one from one of the well known showroom of Rajshahi “K R Bike Center” and I been to their for serve my scooter. They are pretty much sincere and working environment is remarkable but the technicians working there are not so experienced or adapted with the work in my view. I would like to advice them that they should appoint better technicians to serve better service to the customers.

According to the price of this scooter, its performance is up to the mark but with the compare of local market, I think its price is little high. As because most of the companies have reduced their products price and from this point of view, its price is little high.
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