Suzuki Gixxer DD user review by Riku Amir
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Suzuki Gixxer DD user review by Riku Amir


Most of the motorcycle users buy a motorcycle for their passion. Few prefer motorcycle for their job purpose but finally it becomes their roaming transport or to have fun. For my job purpose I have also bought my bike but I have to go through lots of difficulties for that. Nowadays it has become my most loving thing. I am Riku and by the profession I am journalist and love bike riding. I cannot express how much I love to ride with bikes. I am using Suzuki Gixxer and after I started using it I have gathered lots of knowledge about it. Today through motorcycle valley I am going to share all those.


Design, Build quality and purchase reason: I purchased Suzuki Gixxer Double Disc 2017 model, black color and it was bought in April 2017. The purchase place was Sonargaon Motors, New Escaton Dhaka. Reason why I love this bike the most is the design of it, every single side of this bike like the fuel tanker, handle bar, seating position, tyre etc everywhere I saw perfectness. I have no complains or demand about the design of this bike. This bike is perfectly designed but if the footrest and the gear liver were more attractive than I will not have anything to say about. Color quality is pleasing by the way.

Suspension, tyre, braking and control: tyres braking and control all are wonderful of this bike. Even at the high speed I can easily control this bike using these. Sometime I can take the risk while rough riding or cornering and doing that I have confidence inside me and the over the bike as well. As the rear tyre is 130 in size so I do not have to worry. The alloy rim is designed with perfectness again. I do not like the suspensions of this bike. I have to feel the shaking at the off roads and I am really bothered about that.

Engine performance: After riding this bike for seven thousand kilometers I have to sell this bike because I of the engine performance, I had no other options. I was really disappointed about the engine performance. At the city roads I was happy but for the long journey I was not.

Speed: it I a speed king. I can easily speed up this bike up 100 KM/H speed though it takes time to speed up 120. On that time the sound which comes from the exhaust pipe cannot be heard. Throttle response is excellent that I must say and smoother as well. Gear shifting will not disappoint you and using that I have speeded up this bike 125 KM/H. without pillion.

Mileage: After bringing this bike from the showroom to selling it I have got 40 KM/L mileage at Dhaka City and at the highways 42 KM/L. I am satisfied.

Seating position: Handle bar and the seating position is really comfortable, I never found any problems or even any pains after using this bike for a long time.

Price: before I had the worst experience of riding Gixxer I was satisfied with the price. But after having the experience I had a feeling like I didn’t have bought a bike it is a crocodile. Based on the performance the price is really high.

Travel experience: already said that I am a journalist (Daily Jagoron) so I have to travel the whole Dhaka city with my Gixxer. Without that I also traveled outside of Dhaka for my job purpose. Even whenever I got free time I just went out for a long ride with my Gixxer. Within the seven thousand kilometer ride I had three long ride experiences. I had carefully ridden this bike when it was in the break in period which was for two thousand kilometers.

With this bike I traveled to Kuakata and that was my first journey. I had experienced excellent mileage, speed, and control and braking. From Kuakata I went for swarupkathi pirojpur, Barishal, jhenaidah, Kustia, Magura and then back to Dhaka with the full use of my vacation. After passing one months of time I again went for a ride and that was Dhaka to Kumira bridge sitakunda. Finally I ride my way home to my own city brahmanbaria. I took a pillion with me once in these three journeys and it was when I went for Kumira Bridge.

Long journeys: talking about the highway performance I don’t have .5% complaints about the speed, control, brake, and mileage of Suzuki Gixxer 2017. But the problem was created inside the engine. After traveling for three times few horrible faults were seen inside the engine. The crank shaft bearing was started to break down. I figured out this when I heard the bad noise from time chain. After hearing this watching this problem not only me but also the wise mechanics in Dhaka City and also the official provider of Suzuki was thundered. For three times this problem took place on my Gixxer’s fate and that has disappointed me a lot. So finally I realized that whatever I can do with this bike I can but not long rides. The engine don’t have that capability, it is its nature.

Service center: I was able to take the free service opportunity for three times and I was satisfied. As this bikes engine has two years warranty so when the crank shaft gets broken I have to visit the Tejgaon Suzuki service café Dhaka. Workers of that place gives respect to their customers and they are really cordial. But they are not capable enough to solve my problems. Even they tried to make me responsible for this problem and tried not to offer the warranty on this issue. When I first faced the problem they didn’t say anything but when I took this bike for the second and third time they just tried to execute this trick on me. Only because I always maintained my bike according to the service book they were failure, and I have all the records.

After finishing the first long ride this bike was at 2930 kilometers on the meter and already the sound was changed. When I took this bike to the service center they figured out the sprocket near the time chain inside the crank shaft was broken. According the warranty two year warranty rules I get free servicing and the bearing was replaced free.


Then comes the second journey, the meter was at 4638 kilometers, engine sound again distortion again but not intense like the first time. Again I visit the service center café and the date was 28th of June 2018. This time the small size bearing was broken and the first time the bigger one was. This time I was blamed because of this problem and I was told from the service center that I do not ride my bike with care, speedy riding long journey all are responsible for this. I think that was very lame and very unprofessional. For this kind of monster bike that speech of them was very lame. Though I have engine warranty but they charged me TK231 for the Bearing. Again they blamed be and said the same thing what I didn’t like at all and it is really unprofessional indeed. They suggested me that before completing 1000 kilo do not speed up the bike over 60 KM/H and I follow that perfectly. Without that they said, after the engine will start up engine oil will pass through the line, if it doesn’t then the bearing will again be broken. This time that passing route is checked perfectly and don’t need to worry. So I started riding as they told me. Few days later for follow-up one of the members of service café asked me to visit them and they check all the body parts.

16th of august (Thursday) 2018 I again saw that the same sound was coming from the crank shaft. It took no time to realize that the same problem happened again. Over the phone I talked about this matter with service café. They told me to come at Friday 17 august but unluckily my bike was not getting started at Friday morning. So I visit the nearest Suzuki authorized service point Mabs union motors. They were very busy with their work and for that I have to take my bike on 19th of august 10 PM. I have to pay TK 800 as the service charge.

They find out that the small bearing was broken and it was for the second time. The mechanic who solved my problem was named Sohel. He just told me every single technical thing and why this problem is occurring several times. I went for the service café the very next day on 20th august and delver all the saying that Sohel told me to a responsible person of that place. He was sorry for this matter and gave me his word to help me out whatever they can. But I was in uncertainty and I was not able to trust that service café will solve my problem permanently. They might but maybe I was not in that list because of my fate. Many of wise mechanics told me that it is a manufacturing fault and Suzuki authority has just failed to solve this problem and for that I was really dishearten. So I made my mind and sold my Suzuki Gixxer 2017 model at the month of august 2018. I changed my choice and switched to Bajaj Pulsar NS 160. If I get time then again I will be here the experience of NS 160.
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