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Hero Hunk user review by Rakib

2018-08-24 Views: 2236
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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Hero Hunk user review by Rakib


It was a dream to me to have a bike of 150cc along with good mileage range by which I can move very fast on the road. My name is MD. Rakib Ali and professionally I am a businessman. Currently I am using Hero Hunk 150cc about which I am here today to introduce my bike. This bike make my dream come true and same time, now I can move very fast wherever I want to.

I had used 5 bikes before using this one but those were not so high in quality and powerful like the current one. This one is the first bike which is 150cc segment. I have made a personal investigation that this ones price range is low among the bikes of 150cc segment. Then I don't make any delay to made my decision to purchase this bike.

I had purchased this one from a showroom of Taherpur Bazar, Bagamara upazila of Rajshahi district and its been 4 months since I am using this one same time, I have ridden it 4000 kilometers in this period of time without any accident. But in this short period of time I have gained a good enough experience about this bike and I am here today to share my experience with you guy's. You will gain more information about the Hero Hunk if you keep reading this article till the last.

I had purchased this one by my own choice not by anyone advice or suggestion. Its design just shaken my heart so nicely that I instantly made my decision to purchase this one. Its color and design both are my favorite one but many of the people often ask me whether this one is old or not? I ask them in the same way why they asking me this question? I have just purchased this one 4 months ago but they are not willing to agree with my words. They tell me that its color on the body are not so tough by which this bike look like old to them. This hurt me badly. But plastics over its body are very strong enough so far I can feel those. I don't think that those are going to broke in a lite clash. Same time, parts are also nice and strong enough in my view.


Engine performance of my bike is good to say why because I have tested this one even on the high speed and I can't sense anything negative in the engine. Even the sound of the engine is remarkable as well. Engine never become over heat as like others bike. I hope I will have the same performance in future. My bikes weight is 146kg. I don't have any complain on the matter of Engine of my bike.
My bikes seating position is not so good as it should be as a brand like Hero, it is harder then expectation which never let me ride according to my wish. Same time, I can't even ride my bike whenever I took 2 pillions in my back. Pillions seating position is quite high but riders ones is just fine enough why because I never feel any problem to touch the ground from the seating position. Handlebar is pretty nice to hold on even the design is fine enough. I have picked up the top speed of 113 kilometers per hour same time I have ridden this one 300 kilometers a day and I felt pain in my waist. But this one is just perfect one to ride fast.


This bikes breaking system is really nice and clean. Why because I never feel any hesitation to control this one whatever the situation is. As because this one has a disc break in the front wheel, this make easier to have proper control over this bike. This bikes wheels are wide and grip is just fine to have the exact control and same is the suspensions. Wherever I am, no matter, I hardly feel any shake even while on the rough road. Same time, I have ridden my bike in the night and I found the headlight quite good to have the clear view of my front as like the day light. Switches on the handlebar are quite nice to see same way, I never feel any problem to use those. Meanwhile, looking glasses are pretty nice to look at. I can look the rear side pretty clear and never need to look at it closely to have the exact of view of my back. So far I have felt my bike, it is pretty nice to ride on but its seating position need to upgrade from the current position.

When I am to purchase this bike, showroom informs me that this will serve the mileage of 50 kilometers per liter currently I can ride this bike around 48 kilometers or so. I am quite happy from this part as well why because I found similarity in their words and performance.

As a 150cc bike, its price is not so high in the compare with others and this fact will be clear to you if you just compare the price of this bike with the others brand on the same segment. But I have to mention this line to notify the authority that if they reduce the price little more then they will have selling rate that they never thought about.

I have been to the servicing center just for once. I liked the working environment. Same time, they have behave with me pretty and gently. They didn't left anything to satisfied me as a customer. They are really good in their service.

At the last I want to say that, if you are thinking to have a bike of 150cc segment then you can put this bike on the top of your choice list. Why because this one is just perfect one to make fast ride wherever you go. Its performance is up to the mark. My claim to the company is, the color and design of my bike that people uttered offensive words,i hope that company is not going to present anything like that again.
Thanks to all.

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