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Hero Hunk User Review 17000km by Tanvir Hyder

2021-07-19 Views: 85
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This bike purchased from Shuvo Enterprise, Rajshahi

Hero Hunk User Review 17000km by Tanvir Hyder

In the interest of making life easier, many people go out of their way to buy a variety of fancy items and use them, of which many expensive motorcycles are at the top of the list of favorites of the present generation of boys. But I was looking for the best motorcycle in my budget considering both my hobbies and my needs, which I found in the Hero Hank 150 single disc bike. First of all, Hero Bangladesh is a well-known motorcycle brand and I decided to buy this motorcycle after getting information from many users about the overall performance of Hank.

My name is Tanvir Hyder. I am an officer of Varendra University. I have been using the Hero Hank 150 single disc bike for the last 15 months which I have ridden 17,000 kilometers so far. Needless to say, when a motorcycle lasts for more than a year and covers a distance of 17,000 kilometers, the pros and cons of a bike come to the fore.

I will share my experience with Hero Hunk with you today but I will mention earlier some negative experiences I got from my bike and in this case I want to say that almost everyone wants to know what is bad before they know about bikes because we all know If you know the bad things, you automatically know the good things.

-The first thing that bothered me the most was the chain set of Hero Hank that I couldn't keep up with. The chain loosens and makes a noisy noise that causes extreme annoyance along the way.
-In terms of mileage, I was shocked. Most of the people who ride motorcycles use Octane so I was also more interested in Octane but it is strange because I get mileage in Octane less than 30 kilometers per liter. And the mileage in petrol is around 40 kilometers per liter. I have no idea how the difference is so crazy.

The problem I mentioned earlier is not that I just got the problems in my hunk. As I mentioned earlier I was looking for the best bike in my budget and I found everything in the Hero Hank 150cc single disc bike. Hero Hunk's single disc is currently priced at 1,56,990/- BDT but when I bought Hero Hank there was a good amount of discount on the amount which is why I didn't think of any other bike considering the brand and model reputation and so far I have used the bike. It seems that the Hero Hank single disc bike is the best bike in my budget.

In the last 15 months, I have run my hunk for 330 kilometers in one day without any chance of complaining about the comfort. I hear many people say that when I ride a bike of 100-150 kilo at a stretch, my waist and back started irritating, my hands tingle and I feel tired. I did not notice any of this in my hero Hank. Considering so much, how can I not appreciate the bike available in my budget. On the other hand, when it comes to maximum speed, I have reached the highest speed of 103 kmph so far and I would like to say that I have not noticed any shortage in controlling, balancing or any other aspect of the bike including engine performance.

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