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Hero Hunk user review by Mithun Ali

2018-05-27 Views: 4692
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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Hero Hunk user review by Mithun Ali


First things first let me say something about myself. I am MD.Mithun Ali and I am doing Business for a long time. I love to ride motorcycles, at my childhood I used to borrow other motorcycles and dreamed of having my own bike. I have learned bike riding using my friend’s motorcycle.

Three month back from now I bought my very own motorcycle. In fact my bike riding experiences is not for a long time but within these three months I have gathered much knowledge’s and experiences as well. The time is not that long but I have made 4000 Kilometers ride with my bike within this time. My bike name is HERO HUNK – 150 CC. This is also my first motorcycle so I have a different kind of feelings for this bike. today I am going to share all those feeling and experiences with you guys, there are lot of motorcycle in our country and among them many are precious and premium but I literally I have a crush on Hero Hunk. With this bike long riding is very comfortable so I didn’t waste any money to buy other pricey bikes and bought this one.

After purchasing this bike when I took this bike to a place people started to say whether I bought this bike second hand or not, and I started to feel disappointing with their sayings. Only three months have passed why people are saying this. If I asked them then they said the body color is like old bikes. Especially for the white color which is combined with the red one makes the look older. That means the fuel tanker color. Then I realized they are saying the truth and because of the color combination this bike really looks older and for the peoples saying I didn’t like the design and looks any more. But one thing I have to say the build quality and all the parts are really durable and strong enough for long time use.


I have no complaints with the engine of this bike. Till now I think the engine performance is perfect. i cannot say what will be the performance of this engine after using it for a long time. Engine sound of this bike pleased me all the time and riding it for a long time is a good experience for me. It offers me fast acceleration and using that I have accelerated this bike up to 110 KM/H. No vibration at good speed but when I go against the wind then I feel little bit vibration which is usual to all bike. I never looked on the speed because I generally use ride my bike not more than 70-80 KM/H speed because I think life is precious.

Another important side of a bike is the mileage. During purchasing this bike the showroom owners said to me that I will get 40-50 KM/L mileage at the 1500 kilometers and after that I will get 50+ mileage for sure. Now I am getting the same mileage and I am truly satisfied.

Like the braking system, though it doesn’t matter how good the brakes are it depends on the rider how effectively he is using it on different situations. But it is true that the braking of Hunk is excellent and safe. One thing we must follow hard braking is risky, especially when you are using disc brakes. Suspensions are also very well performing of this bike. It offers good comfort at any kind of roads. I have no complaints with the suspensions. But I do have complains with eh tyres of this bike because while hard braking they skids a lot. In fact I don’t know why but I guess the gripping is not too good of the tyres.

Electrical switches placed at the handle bar are good looking and effective so does the electrical. Headlamp offer great light at the night periods and I never felt problem even at the high speed though. If you set the high and low beam of the light according to use need then it is perfect to ride on at night. Seating position of this bike this bike is better than other 150cc bikes I think. I have made a ride to Pabna and on that day I have ride 100 kilometers in one day and my experience of that time was satisfactory. I gave the engine rest for a while though but it was not required. Handlebar is straight and well gripped so I was not tired riding the bike, but I didn’t like the quality of the looking glasses and they are also not well build.

I bought this bike from “ALOM Motors, Taherpur Bazar Rajshahi”. I have been there for two free services and the reason was for changing the engine oil, and to fit the nut-bolts and chain. The mechanics fixed my problems with great cordiality. Their environment is high in class and their equipment is also good. I am pleased with their service.

Considering all the sides of this bike and the performance I think the price is higher. This bike is good enough for fast traveling and overall the features are good, those who want to have this bike I will say buy this bike choosing the design and color but the performance will be the same of all and that is excellent.

Few good sides:
- Low fuel cost.
- Powerful engine.
- Good braking,
- Great seating position.
- Excellent after sells service.

Few Bad sides:
- I didn’t like the design and color combination.
- Little bit high price.
- Poor looking glasses.

I beg of pardon if any mistakes are seen, thanks for reading.
Stay safe, ride safe.

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