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Hero Hunk DD 40000km riding experiences by Dr. Jahid

2019-12-27 Views: 873
Owned for 1year+   []   Ridden for 10000km+

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This bike purchased from Niloy Hero Rajshahi, Rajshahi

Hero Hunk DD 40000km riding experiences by Dr. Jahid


I am a local citizen of Rajshahi and also a doctor. Compare to roads of other city I feel very comfortable to ride bike on the roads of rajshahi. That’s why I feel attraction towards bike than car. Till now I have experience of 3 bikes. Now I’m using Hero Hunk DD. Today I’m going to share my experience about this bike.

Before this I have ride Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and also TVS Apache 150cc. But I wasn’t that much comfortable on those bikes. The control of Apache 150cc seems bad to me and Pulsar vibrates on high speed. After using Hero Hunk 150cc I feel the real experience of 150cc segment bike.

I am using this bike for 5 years. In this 5 years I have ride almost 40000km. The best part of this bike is till now I don’t find any bad side in this bike.

Good sides:
-Smooth sound.
-Great engine performance.
-Perfect weight.
-Attractive look.
-Double disc so I got excellent braking system.

The major reason behind choosing this bike its attractive look which is better than any other bike in this segment. On the other hand before 5 years there were a few Hero DD bikes on the road of rajshahi that’s why I felt different kind of attraction towards this bike. That’s why I have purchased this bike and after using this bike for one year it become very favorite to me because of its excellent performance. The engine of this bike is very powerful and I have noticed that still it is able to produce instant energy. The braking system of this bike is very good and able to control this bike in any condition but sometimes it skids on high speed. Another good thing of this bike is the sound of this bike very smooth. I can control this bike easily. I have noticed that Pulsar and Apache vibrates on high speed but it doesn’t happens in it that’s why I’m very much satisfied about the control of this bike. If you want a bike with smooth sound then you can go for this one.

The mileage of almost all the bikes in 150cc segment is 40-45kmpl but I got 50kmpl in the city and 55kmpl on the highway. This bike is able to fulfill every desire of mine that’s why if I sell this bike then again I will go for Hero Hunk. Those who want a fuel efficient and strong bike they can undoubtedly go for Hero Hunk.

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