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Benelli 165S user review by Abdul Wadud

2019-08-25 Views: 3809
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This bike purchased from New Rajshahi Motors, Rajshahi

Benelli 165S user review by Abdul Wadud


I mainly choose Benelli 165S because of the look of this bike. Especially in this bike I have found the original naked sports bike feelings. When I go to the Benelli Keeway showroom I saw this bike for the first time and attract towards this. In has something different which really attracts me. Though I’m an aged person but a very much passionate person. Though I can’t ride motorcycle well but I’m very much passionate about it. After riding Benelli 165s I realize this bike is able produce enough torque and energy. I also got the real feeling of 4 valves engine. In the beginning I was little afraid to ride this bike because the throttle response of this bike is very fast. But I adjust with it. My son use this more than me. Over all I must say Benelli 165s is a very good and powerful bike.

Till now I have ride almost 300km. I’m appropriately maintaining brake in period and I will continue it till 1500-2000km. at that time I will know about it more. I feel little jam because of it is a new bike but after the braking period I’m very much worry whether I can control the speed of this bike or not. But I think I can because not only speed but the control and braking of this bike is also very good.

This bike is not suitable for everyone because its sped, weight and engine power will going to be very hard to control by an aged person. But it is perfect for young people.
I think the build quality of this bike is very good and after simple accident the parts of this bike will not going to damage easily. But undoubtedly I can say that this bike will support me for a long time.

Good sides:
-Unique design.
-Great speed we can call it speed monster.
-The controlling of this bike is very good.
-Very much effective braking system.

Bad sides:
For riding the sitting position is very good but the pillion sitting position is not comfortable at all which is not accepted in our country. Except this everything is all right.

It was my short experience about Benelli 165s. After 1500-2000 I will again share original review.
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