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Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Twin Disc 15000km riding experiences by Saifullah Sany

2021-05-12 Views: 346
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This bike purchased from Bajaj Collection, Dhaka

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Twin Disc 15000km riding experiences by Saifullah Sany

(Hello there Assalamualaikum, This is Saifullah Sany . Hope You guys are doing good) । Bro’s the story is that today I will share my own riding experience with my own bike Bajaj Pulsar NS160. I have been riding my Mrs. NS for a long time, it will be about 8 months and in these 8 months I have ridden this bike for about 15 thousand kilometer. So I thought I'd give you a review of the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 DD. I hope those who are thinking to buy NS160 will find this review very useful. Today I will talk about a total of 10 issues of NS. Out of the 10 topics, I will discuss what I like about NS160 and what I don’t like about it. So let's review my Mrs. NS 160 without delay.

1.Design and Looks

The NS160 has attracted me more because of these designs and looks. Ever since the NS160 first entered the market in Bangladesh, I have been anxious to buy this bike. Because of its looks, a very nice design looks are given in this bike. Looking at the front headlamps, there are two beautiful parking lights on the headlamps, and this look looks like a wolf to me. In addition to this, the design of the tail lamp on the back is also very unique. It carries the pulsar sign. Then the fuel tanker is very muscular. I feel very muscular feel when I sit on the seating position of this bike. My only complaint about the meter console is why it was not fully digitalized in 2021. I'm very sorry about that. Bajaj should change the design of their meter consoles. All in all I like the design of this bike, specially the muscular look. They have given such a beautiful design to NS 160 mainly to attract the younger generation.

2.Build Quality

Never doubt on the build quality of Pulsar, I say it myself, Mohammad Sunny. Because I didn't find the build quality bad in the previous Pulsar bike that I used. The quality of everything is just top class. As the chassis of the bike is given perimeter frame, other bikes in this segment are given pipe handlebars but this bike has three part handlebars which is a very good thing. So far I haven't had to change anything on this bike, only a small bumper nut has fallen off, that's not a major issue.

3.Engine Performance

The engine displacement of this bike is 163cc as well as this engine has 4 strokes, 4 valves, well cooled, etc. I checked the torque and engine power mentioned in the specification of the bike and saw that I was able to increase the speed of the bike from 0-60 to only 5.41 seconds and I got 13 to 14 seconds to increase the speed from 0-100. I like this thing and let me tell you that I don't over speed with the bike. Your brother Mohammad Sunny tries to keep the speed of the bike between 100 and 110. I got the top speed of this bike at 122 km per hour and I am not in favor of getting the top speed. This engine power and acceleration of this bike is enough for me as I travel a lot.


I got the highest mileage of 43 from my Mrs. NS160 and the lowest mileage of 28 km per liter. NS160 If you ride between 5 thousand to 6 thousand RPM then you will get much better mileage from this bike just like I get. The higher the RPM, the lower the mileage. It is normal to eat more oil if you put the bike in high rev.

5.Riding comfortable or Seating position Comfortable?

If we talk about seating position then it is comfortable enough. In case of long ride you can ride comfortably for 2-3 hours continuously. If you ride a little aero dynamic system then the tomb will hurt right in the middle of the back. And if you can ride straight all the time, then there will be no problem. Another thing you need for comfort is the cushioning of the seat. The cushioning of the NS160 is tough enough so if you sit for a long time you may feel a little problem. And if we talk about the seating position of Pillion, then it is a lot of fun to sit in the seat but the seating position is very tough. As a result, if you sit for a long time, you may feel burning sensation in the place. Another thing is that the height of the seating position of this bike is a bit higher so I think the bike will be comfortable for them above their height of 5 feet 6 inches.


How is the braking of NS160? The power of the engine is fine, but there are many questions about braking, whether the braking is really good or not? Honestly, I didn't get very good braking from NS160 at first and I didn't like braking. My bike is not a double disc ABS version. The version that has ABS is expected to have much better braking. I didn't have much confidence when I was braking the NS160 bike at first, I felt like I would fall off the bike when I braked but after giving 64 district tours I got enough confidence about braking the NS160. Not only do you have to blame the braking system of the bike for not getting good braking, but there are some things associated with it such as- the telescopic fork in front of this bike is not so thick, the size of the tire is thin which would have been better if it was a little thicker. Got the performance of the wheel grip well. I think Bajaj should improve the braking of this NS160 bike. The braking of the NS is a bit weaker than other bikes in this segment but a good aspect of this bike is that it weighs more and for good quality body frame the bike does not skids the rear wheel when braking hard.

7.Engine Sound

When I ride the bike at low RPM, I don't hear much noise from the engine of this bike, the bike seems very calm and polite. A very smooth bike and its engine sound is also smooth. After crossing 6,000 RPM, the sound of the bike changes drastically and a sporty feel can be felt in the sound.


NS160 bikes have the same vibration as all other bikes. The vibration of the bike is a very bad issue but in the case of Mrs. NS160 the vibration is much less. The engine of NS160 is much smoother and much more refined. It is understood that Bajaj Company has given a very good time to the engine of NS160. The vibration of the bike starts after crossing 6,000 RPM, it is again in the handlebars and after crossing 6,000 RPM, the vibration is felt at the foot rest, then at 9,000 RPM, the vibration is felt from the fuel tanker. However, it must be said that the vibration of the NS160 bike is much lower.

9.Maintenance Expense

The maintenance cost of the bike seemed relatively low to me. Among the things we change most are front and rear brake shoes, engine oil, oil filters, air filters. So all in all I have calculated that the maintenance cost of the bike is a little less. I have changed the front brake shoes after 14 thousand and the rear brake shoes are still in stock. If we calculate the engine oil, it will cost 900 tk each time with the Bajaj DTSI engine oil with oil filter. In the case of Mineral Engine oil, if you use Shell Advance, that cost will come down a bit.

10.Parts and Service

I have traveled to 64 districts of Bangladesh with NS160 and have not been in trouble for parts anywhere. Got more or less parts everywhere. The problem I have is with the service. I am satisfied with the service only in Tejgaon in Dhaka, moreover I did not get the benefit of serving this bike anywhere else especially outside Dhaka. Lack of skilled technicians, lack of adequate fixing equipment due to which I am not very satisfied with the service of NS.

Some sensational information about NS160

-The battery of the bike does not provide much support for the power supply. For example, it is a little difficult to start in the morning, especially in the winter to start a kind of fight. There is no way without using the kicker to start the engine.
-The turning radius of NS is much less. It is very difficult to turn a big monster due to this low radius.
This was my review of Mrs. NS160. Again I will come in front of you with my NS160 or any other bike. Until then stay well and stay healthy.

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