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Bajaj CT100 ES User Review by Santo

2021-08-23 Views: 447
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This bike purchased from Lucky Motors, Rajshahi

Bajaj CT100 ES User Review by Santo

I have heard from childhood that Bajaj is a very good brand and its bikes are very popular in our country. I have noticed around me that most of the people who use bikes they buy Bajaj bikes because Bajaj service, Bajaj quality, price etc are all good. I also like this Bajaj brand very much. I feel the need for a bike for my daily needs and when buying a bike I buy Bajaj bikes without looking at any other brand. The bike I am using now is Bajaj CT100 ES.

This Bajaj CT100 ES bike I noticed is used by almost everyone around me. Due to the low price, good facilities, etc., the demand for this bike is very high in my rural area and I also got a very good feeling by riding it. So all in all I decided to buy this bike and so far after buying this bike I have ridden 1000 kilometers in 15 days. After all, this bike has given me good support so far and I will try to share with you all the feelings I have got by riding 1000 km in 15 days. Thanks to Motorcycle Valley for providing a platform for customers to share their pros and cons with a bike.

First of all, I would like to highlight some of the good aspects of my bike

The first thing that came to my notice was the stylish design of this bike. I wouldn’t say too much design but as far as design is concerned it seemed elegant to me. They have proved with this Bajaj CT100 ES that Bajaj makes very beautiful bikes in 100cc. Every part of the bike is matched with beautiful graphics which makes the bike look very good.

The seating position is very wide so that the rider and the pillion can sit and ride easily. The seating position of this bike also gave me very good support in long ride. I have ridden about 150 km continuously in one day and I did not feel uncomfortable from the seating position.

We know that Bajaj is capable of building a very good engine. In this bike they have used a good quality engine which helps me to get good performance as well as very good mileage. I am currently getting mileage from this engine at 75 km per liter on city roads and 77 km per liter on highway roads. Many people get more or less mileage than this but I shared with you as much mileage as I get. I hope this bike will give me a lot of support in the future.

As a 100cc bike, the control of this bike also felt very good to me. From now, I am getting very good control over the braking, tires, suspension, etc. of the bike. I need good quality tires to drive on the village roads and that assured me this bike.

I had no doubt about the quality of Bajaj. Now after using this Bajaj CT100 ES bike, I am 100% sure that their build quality is very good. The structure of the bike feels very good to me on a broken road or any other road and the bike supports me to ride in a hassle-free manner.

Now I am sharing with you the bad side of this bike. One of the bad things about this bike is that it has an exhaust pipe. Bajaj should be change it. I think it would have been better to give the same adjustments that were given in the previous models. I didn't feel bad about anything else except this one. The bike has been giving me good support so far and hopefully will in the future.

This was some of my experience with the Bajaj CT100 ES bike. I hope you will benefit from reading this experience of mine and will get a clear idea by removing the misconceptions. Good luck to everyone. Thanks.

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