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Bajaj CT100 ES User Review 5000km by Shahrul Islam

2021-08-08 Views: 253
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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This bike purchased from Hena Enterprise, Rajshahi

Bajaj CT100 ES User Review 5000km by Shahrul Islam

There are different types of bikes of different brands in 100cc. I have noticed that the demand for Bajaj CT100 ES is much higher among the 100cc bikes in the market of Bangladesh. The demand and popularity of this series has been at the top since the beginning. Because this series has 100cc in elegant design, affordable price, build quality, durability, etc. are involved in various issues. Bajaj has been holding this series in Bangladesh for a long time and now they are changing the graphical and interior features of the bike to meet the needs of the customers. I like this Bajaj CT100 ES bike very much because the 100cc bike at a low price is really very admirable.

Bajaj CT100 ES I have been using for about 7 months. Before I bought this bike I rode my friend’s bike and I noticed that the bike really matched the price. I bought this bike to meet my needs and feel like the best bike for me. In seven months I have ridden this bike for a total of 5000 kilometers. In this 5000 km ride, I am sharing with you below all the feelings I get from the bike. Let me inform you that I did not feel any bad or bad feeling after riding this bike for 5000 kilometers and what I got is not worth mentioning. All the little problems we feel from the bike can be fixed at the service center or by ourselves.

The design of this bike seemed elegant to me in terms of price. In Bangladesh, this bike can be seen from the city roads to the remote areas of the village. Because Bajaj has tried to deliver this bike to people of all walks of life in Bangladesh. Therefore, according to their price, the design of this bike is consistent, so the demand of people and the number of bikes is much higher. I really like the design of Bajaj CT100 ES.

Another great thing about this bike is that it is comfortable. The seating position is very wide so you can ride very comfortably with two people. The village road can be ridden very easily on any road and the seating position is very soft. Even if you ride continuously for a long time, you do not feel any back pain. I have heard from others that the comfort of this bike is much greater and I feel it myself.

The mileage is incredible. I get mileage from a 100cc bikes on average 70 to 75km per liter. In terms of mileage, I have heard from the beginning that this bike is very good and I have found it in reality. Many people are getting more or less mileage of this bike than me but I have presented to you what I am getting. I am very satisfied with the mileage.

One thing I like most about Bajaj is that I find their service center anywhere in Bangladesh. Even in remote areas like our village they have dealers and service centers which is a feature of a reputed organization. This is exactly the reason why I prefer Bajaj because after buying a bike, you definitely need some things for that bike. I get service from their service center and their service quality, parts are all good.

In terms of price, I like the Bajaj CT100 ES build quality, performance, features. I would like to thank Bajaj for bringing a bike within 100cc in a reasonable price in Bangladesh and it has been in the market for a long time. I did not feel bad about the build quality of this bike after riding 5000 km. I have known for a long time that the build quality of Bajaj is very good and that is why I have put Bajaj at the top of my list.

It is wrong to say that buying a bike and it is 100% perfect in performance. After buying a bike, many things like bike service, maintenance etc. are needed. For which a good service center and a good brand bike must be bought. I have seen that those who use Bajaj bikes more are more satisfied with the service center and the quality of the bikes. I am very satisfied with the quality of this bike. Everyone must ride his bike carefully.

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