Engine vibrates at high speed – Bajaj Platina user Ziaur Rahman Bangla Version
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Engine vibrates at high speed – Bajaj Platina user Ziaur Rahman


I am Md Ziaur Rahman and by profession I am a service holder. My home is situated in Bagha, Rajshahi. Actually I am using Bajaj Platina 100cc for almost for 3 years. This is a long time and this my first used my own bike. The main purpose of my bike is official. I do a job of mobile phone marketing so bike is a part and parcel of my daily life I cannot even think a day without my bike. Today I am going to share my good and bad ridding experiences with all the viewers which I have felt of my own and I hope this will help you. These are only my personal opinion only. Moreover I haven't used any bikes without my Bajaj Platina 100cc.

Engine performance is good. But I had to do some major works to the engine. Now it is performing good. This is 100cc commuter bike but the engine is powerful. Beside the good engine performance the mileage is average, at present I am getting 60km/l. I am satisfied with the mileage as I am a marketing service holder mileage is a issue and I am happy with it.

Build quality is hard and strong I ride this bike almost all day long. And I felt the good build quality. Beside the strong build quality the design is smart and simple. The simple look can be suit with anyone. Awesome graphics touches my heart. I like the design and build quality.

As I need to ride this bike all day long so comfort is a big issue. And by bike provide me good comfort. But the sitting position is not so good I wish it should be little lower than the handlebar. The handlebar and the switches attached with the handlebar is good and qualified, and it don't need to fix again and again. There is a very bad part of this bike to me is the light of the headlamp. The headlamp is very poor and cannot provide enough lights at all. It is very disappointing.

Controlling is average. I hate the vibration of this bike. It vibrate so much even it is at 55km/h and this is so bad. It kill the control. But the brakes are very good and promising and tyres are well gripped and it skid sometime but not often. Suspensions are good and well performed.

Servicing center is disappointing and disgusting. They are not well behaved nor well experienced. I hate the servicing center. I think Bajaj should take steps against them.

The price is ok for this bike. This is a good bike for mileage and anyone can buy it is as it is smart looking bike. But there is a problem in the rear wheel it make a bad sound and technician cannot fix it till now. At last I want to say please ride safely and responsibly.
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