Dayang Runner Bullet 100 user review by Tonoy Loban Rahman Bangla Version
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Dayang Runner Bullet 100 user review by Tonoy Loban Rahman


For many days I was thinking about writing a review concerning this bike. But I was confused because I didn’t know after how many days I can write about a bike since I am riding. Last five months I had ridden 10000 Kilometers and know I have decided that I can put pen to paper about this bike. This is my first motorcycle and before this bike I had never even touched another bikes. Motorcycle was never preferred by my own. When I saw someone riding a bike I used to scare a bit.

I have completed my M.A Dhaka university and after I complete before I start a job I thought that a at least a small size bike is now necessary because I used to ride bicycles but know I cannot tolerate the overcrowded journey of local bus. I was short of cash that’s why I decided to take the advantage of runner installment facilities.

Firstly I decided to have Runner AD80 deluxe but later I purchased Runner Bullet 100 just because of the outlook. Though the bike price is TK 105000 but I have got this bike at TK 99000 because of special offer but for the installment same price has to be given.

However, I bought this bike for ride my way to office and home but I had ridden many other places of our country with this bike.

Regular servicing of my bike is my routine that’s why after 10000 Kilometers I haven’t faced any problem. I regularly check the engine condition, clean the air filter, tight the chain, tyre pressure, break shoe etc. I never wash the bike only cleaning.

At the very beginning mileage was not pleasant of this bike; I have got approx 28-30 KM/L mileage. But after I fix my bike with the help of runner servicing care then it jumped to 70 KM/L. now I get 45-55 KM/L mileage.


Though Runner suggested me to use Sarvo or unicorn engine oil but I am having better performance from Havoline 20W- 40 and Ravenol 10W-40 engine oil. Sometimes I feel unsafe using Ravenol 10W- 40 because suggested oil for my bike is 20W40 or 20W- 50. I buy Havoline 20W- 40 at TK350 and Revenol 10W-40 at TK 410-420. Havoline 20W- 40 needs to be changed after 1200-1300 Kilometers and Revenol 10W-40 needs to be changed 1600 Kilometer.

If we talk about modifying something at my bike I have changed two things.

1. Rear tyre: I have changed the Chinese Kenda 90/90-18 and placed Pereli 110/90-18 tiers. No I am having better rear braking, previous tyre skid a lot. Rear tyre is now tubeless and using Gel the front becomes also tubeless.

2. Headlight: firstly I changed the Halogen bulb and placed a LED lamp. That light was bothering for the other riders of the road because that light splits much. After that I placed Philips LED light which costs me TK 2300 and I am getting better performance now.

3. Suspension: I will change the rear suspension and place the Hero Hunk or Extreme sports suspension.

Till now I never counted the top sped of my bike but I used to ride at 70-80 KM/H speed and approximately I have got 100-102 KM/H speed.


Those things I liked about this bike:
- Wight: Extra weight than the other 100cc motorcycles which makes this bike more comfortable and dependable.
- Look: outstanding out looks as a 100cc commuter.
- Headlight: Powerful Headlight and high class beam pattern which doesn’t bother the riders who comes from the front.
- Seat: larger seat, three peoples can easily ride on it. (I have ridden with two other pillions for 250 Kilometers at once)

- I have ride this bike 600 kilometers at once but no problem occurred.
- Powerful engine: as 100cc motorcycle it is much powerful than the other 100cc bikes and its acceleration power is awesome.

- Tyre: better tyre as 100ccc bike than the others.
- Meter: this bike contains a meter console with all necessary information like, fuel indicator, gear indicator, RPM indicator etc.

- Seating position of this bike is really comfortable.
- Sound quality of the Horn is perfect.


Those things I disliked about this bike:
- This bike provides instant acceleration but the top speed is not stable of this bike. –
- As a 100cc bike this bike contains wide tyre but the grip is not enjoyable at all.
- Those people who likes to ride at the highways they know about the importance of pass light but unfortunately this bike doesn’t have one.
- though I haven’t ride this bike that much but sometimes this bike got stuck at the speed breakers so I think the ground clearance is not sufficient.
- Side panel or kit of this bike is low graded so they get shattered very early.
- Rear suspension is also low in quality though expecting good suspension at the low range bikes are waste of time.
- Body parts are high in price and not available all the time because this bike is Chinese and Bangladeshi mixture.
- Low grade carburetor, that’s why mileage varies a lot I have got 28-30 KM/L mileage. Changing the carburetor can be the only option to get good mileage and get rid of this problem.


Let me tell you a interesting story which was really unexpected. I was passing through Bangabazra and just few moments before the rain stopped after 2 hours. Water can be seen everywhere at the road but I still moved on. Slowly water begins to increase at the road. At one stage whole bike was under water, air filter was properly under water wet but the bike didn’t stopped. After riding 500-700 meters I passed through the water. 10-15 bikes were alongside me on that road but not everyone make it to cross the road. One or two rider also falls at the water.


So overall I can say I am really pleased with Runner bullet 100.
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