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Bajaj Pulsar 150cc user review by Roki


Motorcycles are always a useful vehicle for those who has to travel a lot in the city roads and specially at the village roads. I am also a villager and I am from Puthia I my name is MD. Roki and I do business. As I do business for my daily living and I live in a village I have to go many places for doing business for that I was badly in need of fast, user-friendly and comfortable vehicle. So after thinking all the sides I have decided to go for a bike and I was always passionate about it as well. So I bought a popular motorcycle in our country named Bajaj Pulsar 150. This bike also becomes my first bike and it also becomes my only transport for doing all my works. Now for two years I am using this bike and lots of liking and dislikes comes in front of me. Team motorcycle valley requested me to express all those with you guys and that is why I am here today, now I want to share all my experiences with you guys and hope you will stick together till the end.

As I said before reason behind purchasing this bike was to decrease my transportation difficulty for doing my business and daily traveling properly, but another reason to buy this bike was the design and build quality of this bike. As a 150cc bike it contains charming design and durable build quality. After I saw his bike I thought I should go for it and till now I am not regretting. So no complains with the design and build structure of this bike. Now let us talk about the other things which I have seen. Firstly I want to say about the comfort of my bike. During my rides I feel good comfort with this 150cc bike because the seating position and the handlebar are very comfortable to sit on and for grabbing. When I ride my bike at any kind of road same comfort is provided from this bike. Suspensions work very well that’s why no shaking and discomfort is felt till now. Not only that during the night rides I feel relaxed because the headlamp provide good power and the switches at the handlebar glows. Though this bike is comfortable at the city or village rods but sometimes I felt this pain in my wrist and back at the long journey. I have ride 250 Km in one day and I gathered this experience after that ride. Overall I am satisfied.

Now let’s talk about the engine performance. As a 150cc bike this bikes engine produces great power and for that I have crossed 100 KM/H speed within no time and it can be raised more. No extra heat is produced from this bikes engine and no bad noise is also heard till now. Mileage is satisfying but if it was more I will fully be satisfied. Now I am getting 40 + KM/L mileage but I require for more. On the whole the engine performance is good but not the best because of the mileage.

Controlling of this bike is perfect according to my using. Brakes are effective but both are well performing till now. Sometimes the tire skids during hard braking and at high speed and a little bit shaking is observed but I think it can be ignore because I do not ride my bike on that kind of speed very often. So I can say I am satisfied.

There are no big complains about this bike and I have already said few but I want to add two more things, firstly the chain set is is really disturbing because a bad noise is heard from it, and the other one is my own problem and that is the price I personally think based on the features and performance the price should be lessen.

This was my very own experience with Bajaj Pulsar 150 and on the whole comparing the bad sides and good sides of this bike is good enough for using. I have visited the servicing center for few times within these two years and I am glad that they are well behaved and their service quality is up to the mark. So I will rate this bike as a standard one.

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