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Which Motorcycle you should buy to ride share? Bangla Version
2017-12-28 Views: 2620


There is nothing new to introduce about share ride on motorcycle rather this sharing is something like a gaining freedom from the captivation from the Bus/CNG. Specially the people who live in Dhaka can sense better about the difference. “Uber”, “SAM”, “Pathao”, “EzzyR”, “Move” and some others riding sharing app like these gaining popularity day by day. Some are earning money by sharing their ride same time, he/she helping others to reached in the destination in time. As the system is getting familiar with the root level people and for this reason many people are now interested to serve this service with a view to earning money. The first thing those people have to face “Which bike will be better to serve this service?”.

Here we have introduced some bikes which going to be better for this service where we have prefer bikes price, mileage, engine performance resell value, seating position, build quality and others important part of a bike and we hope this article will be helpful for you to make the right decision.

(Fuel expense depends on the bikes condition, roads condition even on the rider condition. As there is always two person on the bike when you are sharing a ride then it is normal to consumption more fuel from the usual time).

80cc motorcycles
One of the most interesting advantage of the 80cc bike is, its price is nicely affordable and serve a heavy mileage. On the other hand, the problems are, its speed is not up to the mark and you may face some trouble in the way due to its low power engine. Same time, the users often feel discomfort on the tiny and low power bike. Usually 80cc bikes don't have the weight to ride it comfortably long time. If you are interested to purchase a 80cc bike then you can pick up anyone from the below:


Runner Bike RT
Its price is low, to ride it with the pillion it has a big seat, along with its alloy wheel it is noticeable to have strong build quality in this bike. Meanwhile, its fuel expense is 45-55 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Runner Deluxe
Runner Deluxe 80cc has strong structure, powerful engine same time a wide seat to ride with the pillion but its design is not so good but its performance will charm you. Fuel expense is 45-55 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Victor-R V80 Xpress
Victor-R V80 Xpress is look like big as a 80cc. Its nice design will attract easily. Its long seat is comfortable for the rider and the pillion. At the same time, to mention its negative sides you will sense its less power engine at the end of the day if you ride it all day long. If you only use it to commute in the office then very well expectedly you will have the positive result from it. Fuel expense is 50-60 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Roadmaster Prime
Roadmaster Prime has well reputation for its ultra modern features, nice structure and for powerful engine. Same time, you can ride it with the pillion with any trouble and will have a mentionable top speed. Fuel expense is 55-65 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)

110/110cc Motorcycle
The advantage of this segment is, reasonable price, easy to use, easy to resell and good mileage. Not for the profession rather 100cc or 110cc bikes are helpful to share a ride in the in the running road.


Bajaj Discover 100
Among the 100cc bikes, Bajaj Discover 100 has a nice design and well powerful engine and it is suits with all class of riders. Same time, its good side is, you can run pretty comfortably with the pillion. We expect that, you or the engine is not going to feel tired even after a long ride. If you want to sell it for the new one then you will have the excellent resell value and we can assure it. Fuel expense is 65-75 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


TVS Metro 100
This bike has nice and gentle design, wide seat for the pillion and comfortable seating position, strong structure and powerful engine. Same time, you are not going to feel anything less in the performance of the engine after long ride at the same time, this one is one of the best to ride in the Dhaka with pillion. Its fuel expense is 60-70 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


TVS Metro Plus
This 110cc bike has modern features, comfortable seat for the pillion and wide seating position, nice design and graphics. In a word this one is the modern version of the TVS Metro. Fuel expense is 55-65 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Hero iSmart 110
Ultra modern I3S technology which burn less fuel in the traffic jam of the cities. Nice and attractive design and for the wide seat, it is easy to ride with the pillion, control and comfort both are good, very much reasonable price and with all the features “Hero I Smart 110cc” is a good quality 110cc bike. This one is mostly used by the people of corporate level. This will serve 65-75 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Honda Livo
This one of the finest bike among the 110cc segment. Nice outlook, good braking and nice performance of the suspension will let you to ride it with the pillion without any hesitation. Throttle response is nice along with the powerful engine. As it has the brand value, same it has resell value. Engine will perform same even after a long ride. This may seem to you costly but its performance will let you forget about the price. Fuel consumption is 60-70 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Keeway RKS 100
An exclusive 100cc bike which has better attractive design, a comfortable seating position to ride it with the pillion, good braking system and suspension and reasonable price. Bottom line is, this one is just to ride in the city. This will serve 55-65 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Bajaj Platina 100
Wide and long seating position where 3 person can easily sit, good engine power, strong and durable structure, excellent mileage and the key point is, those who want a gentle commuter bike for comfortable bike along with pillion, for them this bike will be perfect hopefully. Fuel expense limit is 65-70 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Roadmaster Velocity
As a domestic brand, Roadmaster is creating their position in the up to the mark level and we can sense by measuring “Roadmaster Velocity 100cc's” performance. This one has all the modern features, good design and color combination, it has comfortable seating position for the rider and also for the pillion, affordable price range and the fuel expense limit is 50-60 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Lifan Glint 100
As a 100cc bike this one will perform nice in the city road we hope. This one has wide seating position in which the rider and the pillion can sit comfortably. Alloy wheel, disk brake and others features combination make it more special. This one has the mileage of 55-65 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)

125cc Motorcycles
The advantage of the 125cc segment is, better and powerful engine from the 100cc bike and this one consume less fuel in the compare of 100cc bike same time the engine is powerful and also with strong structure. I think these bikes are well to mention for you by considering its price, performance and others features.


Bajaj Discover 125
This one is one of the popular bike among the 125cc segment. Nice and gentle design, well powerful engine, comfortable to ride with pillion and due to affordable price this bike gain a huge popularity in the root level and this one is a nice one to ride in the busy roads of the cities. Fuel expense meter is 50-60 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


TVS Stryker
Strong structure, good engine performance, nice design, comfortable wide seating position will make your ride more comfortable and you will have the same feelings even with the pillion. Fuel expense limit is 50-60 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Hero Glamour
Muscular body and fuel tank, nice design and graphics, extra ordinary color combination by all these make this bike nicely attractive. This short of the bike has a acute demand in our country and very much comfortable to ride it in the country like us with the pillion. This 125cc bike fuel expense meter is 50-60 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Keeway RKS 125
To ride with the pillion this one has comfortable seating position, good braking system, well control, powerful engine and so on. In a word, this one has a muscular look as a 125cc bike. Fuel expense of this bike is 40-50 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Honda CB Shine
Honda is still holding their market quite easily as like the previous days and to be more popular they are with so many variety bikes with variety features. “Honda CB Shine” is an ultra modern 125cc bike. Wide seating position, good braking, nice suspension and overall a good quality 125cc bike. According to its engine performance and for durable and nice design its price seem to be high. But its resell is attractive and the mileage is 55-65 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)


Yamaha Saluto
There is nothing new to say about the brand like “Yamaha”. They have popular 125cc bike name is “Yamaha Saluto 125cc”. Nice design, attractive outlook and well powerful engine takes it to the whole new level. On the other hand, its fuel expense is 45-55 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)

150cc Motorcycles
As to share riding, 150cc bike is very much comfortable for the both rider and user but its price and fuel expense is not so expected to use it for sharing ride. For this reason, 150cc bike will not be a profitable in this purpose. This one given below may the perfect one is you are thinking to use this segment.


Hero Achiever
Among the 150cc bike, “Hero Achiever” is well enough for the reasonable price and performance. Both for the rider and pillion this one has soft and comfortable seating position, well powerful engine, big size. As to say about its negative sides, its tyre is thin and analog meter which is not going to effect negatively in the city. Fuel expense is 45-55 kilometer per liter. (Click here to know price and more)

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