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Runner Motorcycles

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  • One year celebration of Runner Bikers Club
    At our Capital there is a members club of those users whom are using the manufactured bikes of Runner Automobile. They are named as Runner Bikers Club – RBC. Based on Facebook this group was created on 2016. More than ten thousands of bikers are member at this group and they organize different programs at different occasion. At the 27th of October they have organized their one year calibration program of this group. At the evening on ... English Bangla
  • Runner motorcycle in Nepal
    Runner automobile limited is one of the well known and rising domestic motorcycle brands. Their main motive is to provide motorcycles for all kind of people in our society and to do that they provide good featured bikes with in very reasonable price which can buyers afford. Along with other trusted brand runner had also fixed their spot at the local market and not only that they started importing their products outside of our country. ... English Bangla
  • Runner motorcycle prices for July 2017
    Nowadays along with international brands our domestic manufacturers are also getting up to date and trying to construct quality products for fulfilling the demand of the motorbike lovers. Runner is among those domestic brands and not only that they are the leading Bangladeshi motorcycle manufacturing company. Runner has established themselves at the local motorcycle market as a brand and also proved that they are capable and reliable as w... English Bangla
  • Runner motorcycle prices for June 2017
    Runner is the leading Bangladeshi motorcycle manufacturing company. All of their motorcycles and scooters are manufactured in our country and assembled as well. In Bangladesh along with Chinese, Japanese, Italian and other motorcycle brands Runner has established them and proved the capability and reliability of their own company. Their main motto is to provide bikes for all kind and class of people. That’s why at the very beginning they ... English
  • New Scooter from Runner, Kite +
    INDO BANGLA trade fair for 3 days has started at Sonargoan Hotel from today. Ranner automobiles has participated in this fair and display some of their motorcycle models among them new scooter from Runner, kite + grab the attention of the visitors. It is a 110 CC scooter bike within affordable price of TK 86,000. Assistant manager (Corporate Business), Runner automobiles Mr. Nayeem Hasan Khan said “We are displaying new scooter Kite + m... English Bangla
Runner motorcycle reviews
  • Runner Bullet 100 user review by Auchinto Kumar Mondol
    As a 100cc segment bike I like this bike pretty much, though this bike belongs from a Chinese brand but great color combination and build quality is found at this bike. Few things disappointed me as well, such as higher handle bar, vibration at good speed etc. The bike I am talking about is one of the most familiar 100cc Motorbike to all and that is Dayang Runner Bullet 100. Firstly let ... English Bangla
  • Runner Duranto user review by Jabbar Ali
    Let me say something about me at first. My name is MD. Jabbar Ali and I'm from Lalpur, Natore. Professionally I'm an employee. Bike is a very important vehicle to me which improve my life style by serving it a new speed limit. Not only for my job rather, its gives a whole new shape to my life style at the same time, my bike is something like an inspiration to me to go with the demand of the ... English Bangla
  • Runner Bike RT user review by Enamul Kabir
    From the younger age I liked toy bikes and cars. After growing up my addiction turned to bikes. I always want a bike of my own but my parents didn't give me permission to buy one. And we don't have our own house at this moment 150000 to 200000 taka is a huge amounts of money to us. On the other hand fuel is a big issue. So I burred my own passion. But my pain don't last for long as Runner la... English Bangla
  • Dayang Runner Deluxe user review by Shazib Shajedul
    By taking the name of almightily and without influencing by RUNNER I am writing this review of small segment bike of Runner, even though I didn’t have that much time but today I am going to write down all my feelings about this bike. Bike Name: RUNNER DAYANG AD80-S DELUXE Cc: 85 Manufacturer: China Price: TK 73000 (After 10000 Discount offer) Purchasing date: 19th march 2017 ... English Bangla
  • Runner Knight Rider 150 Feature Review
    Among many of motorcycle manufacturer Runner Auto mobile is one the rising and also domestic motorbike manufacturer. In Bangladesh along with Chinese, Japanese, Italian and other motorcycle brands runner has established them self and proved the capability and reliability of the company. Runner is the Bangladeshi motorcycle manufacturing company where the products of Runner are assembled in B... English Bangla

Runner is one of the major and the best selling motorbike brand in Bangladesh, this brand making a perfect way to make their business. They combine a perfect combination of the of the bike price with the quality. You will have no complain on the bike when you have the bike on your budget.

At present Runner is become a group of company, this company has spread its business in many ways that it no longer stopping only with the motorbike. As we have to say about the Runner Automobiles, it is the flagship company of the Runner group. This company was established in the year of 2000 with the 700 workers. It takes long 10 year to reach the success as the whole company standing in the position. They have to cost a huge amount of money to reach in the position that they holding now. In the recent time they are producing around 500 motorcycles in a day including 50cc to 150cc along with 4 series. This company now maintains 12 models of bike which are also produced daily in their factory by the routine. One of the most important parts of this company is, Runner automobiles creating a friendly environment for its dealer employee and also for the beginner, at the same time this company making their process to producing small and medium motorbikes parts and accessories. Already they are enhancing their process to establish a factory of it.

Spare parts including plastic materials, motorbike seat, cables of the brakes, clutch etc, battery tire, tube. Headlight, side cover, indicator light also included in the list of spare parts. These parts are used in the different models of the Runner Automobiles. As this company has a very good reputation in our country, they around 200 dealers with 400 distributions center all over the country. They are the highest seller in the domestic level. Runner Automobiles has possession of the market in some models of them, in which no one can merely compete with them. For more information you can visit their official website:

On the question about how they gain such popularity in the domestic market that any other company hardly can compete with them? As to answer this question, we have to know the level of the income of the people of our country. You know, maximum of the people of our country work very hard to make their day. The numbers of these people are so high that they cannot even think about the engine vehicle when it can cost them more than 1 lac or so. Runner automobiles just grab this point, they always producing their bike in a price range that is very much cost effective for the standard class people. This way they got the market of 80cc bikes. One more reason behind the fame of this company, most of the bike of Runner Automobiles is the standard bike. This makes this brand popular especially among the middle class people.

Runner Showrooms Bangladesh
Showroom NameLocationDetails
Shaheb & SonsKhulnaDetails
Agragami AutoChuadangaDetails
Suma MotorsSatkhiraDetails
Suntime ElectronicesSatkhiraDetails
Boshundhora MotorsSylhetDetails
Boshundhara MotorsSylhetDetails
Habib Khan MotorsBograDetails
Sanu Motor MelaRangpurDetails
Eshan MotorsGazipurDetails
Jhenidah AutosJhenaidahDetails
Rubel AutoKushtiaDetails
Runner Automobiles LtdTangailDetails
Rana MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Tanor EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Green Trust MotorsHabiganjDetails
Atlas TradersJamalpurDetails
Deen ImpexNaogaonDetails
New Motorecycle MartJessoreDetails
Sharmin Honda CenterGaibandhaDetails
Mohona AutoDinajpurDetails
Nabil MotorsCoxs BazarDetails
Mamun EnterpriseComillaDetails
SK MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Atlas TradersDhakaDetails
Nobel ElectronicsChapai NawabganjDetails
Molla TradersBargunaDetails
Sharkar EnterpriseMymensinghDetails
Real AutoJhenaidahDetails
Alam MotorsJhenaidahDetails
MR EnterpriseBograDetails
Orient TradersCoxs BazarDetails
Sheikh Motors & ElectronicsPabnaDetails
Moon MotorsRajshahiDetails
Ark MotorsRangamatiDetails
Ark MotorsRangpurDetails
Bismillah EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Haque EnterpriseChapai NawabganjDetails
Star TradersFeniDetails
Mim Auto CornerGaibandhaDetails
Amena MotorsDhakaDetails
Jamil MotorsDinajpurDetails
Lopa TradersChuadangaDetails
Papri MotorsBarisalDetails
Muhammad MotorsBarisalDetails
Mahin MotorsBagerhatDetails
Chowdhury MotorsBrahmanbariaDetails
M/S Aurin EnterpriseTangailDetails
M/S Sharker EnterpriseMymensinghDetails
M/S Gausia MotorsShariatpurDetails
Najim Uddin MotorsNoakhaliDetails
Chand MotorsChandpurDetails
Kazi MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Prithula MotorsChapai NawabganjDetails
HasiKhushi MotorsHabiganjDetails
Reaz EnterpriseKhulnaDetails
Atlas Auto MotorsJessoreDetails
Auto MobileKhulnaDetails
Bishwas Auto KushtiaKushtiaDetails
Showkat MotorsNatoreDetails
Brothers EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Hazi S Haque MotorsChandpurDetails
Star TradersFeniDetails
M/S Alam MotorsRajshahiDetails
AB MotoPirojpurDetails
Green Trust MotorsHabiganjDetails
A K TradersThakurgaonDetails
M/S Arju Motors & ElectronicsDinajpurDetails
Nabil MotorsCoxs BazarDetails
Runner ShowroomDhakaDetails
Rubel AutoKushtiaDetails
Ratul MotorsNarayanganjDetails
M/S Molla TradersBargunaDetails
New Motorcycle MartKushtiaDetails
Ahmed and Sons EnterpriseThakurgaonDetails
Raha MotorsNetrakonaDetails
Papri MotorsFaridpurDetails
Ak TradersThakurgaonDetails
Ahsan TradingNaogaonDetails
Dieen ImpexNaogaonDetails
Islam & CoDinajpurDetails
Krishi ProgotiBograDetails
M/S Muzammel HaqueNilphamariDetails
Shoma EnterpriseNatoreDetails
Arafath TradingJoypurhatDetails
Methel AutoRangpurDetails
Mukdha EnterpriseRangpurDetails
Polash EnterpriseNatoreDetails
Shad MotorsRangpurDetails
Nila EnterpriseNatoreDetails
Taj EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Shathi MotorsTangailDetails
Taj EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Runner ShowroomDhakaDetails
Aurin EnterpriseTangailDetails
Maher MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Krishi Sheba MotorsMymensinghDetails
Anis EnterpriseMymensinghDetails
Amena MotorsManikganjDetails
Rupali EnterpriseJamalpurDetails
Runa Electronics & MotorsGazipurDetails
Nipa MotorsRajbariDetails
Royal AutoDhakaDetails
Atlas MotorsDhakaDetails
New Motorcycle MartKhulnaDetails
Mahin MotorsKhulnaDetails
Chuknagore MotorsKhulnaDetails
Mahin EnterpriseBarisalDetails
Muhammad MotorsBarisalDetails
Karnaphuli MotorsDhakaDetails
MS Modern EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Nupu CorporationChapai NawabganjDetails
Nupu CorporationRajshahiDetails
Nupu CorporationRajshahiDetails
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