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Hero passion X pro i3s feature review:

Overview: Nowadays, we can see a very unpredictable motorcycle market, where every brand is trying their level best to provi...

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Hero Splendor Plus XTEC Feature review:

Overview: No introduction needed for the legendary commuter hero Splendor plus. Over three decades this bike is rolling on ro...

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Hero Maestro Edge User Review by – Jayedur Rahman

Age I am a middle-aged person so I need a scooter category bike that helps me to move. Because of preference, According to my ...

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Hero Maestro EDGE 110 XTEC feature review:

Overview: To ease our day today travelling around the city scooters has become very reliable. As a personal vehicle, it prov...

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Hero Maestro Edge User Review by – Taslima Parvin

There were many scooter brands available in the market when I was deciding to buy a scooter and among them, Suzuki, Mahindra, ...

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Hero Ignitor Techno User Review by Abu Raihan

Budget plays an important role when buying a bike, the same thing happened to me. When I decided to buy a bike I was on a bit ...

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Hero Hunk 150R User Review by – Shofikul Islam

Biking has been my passion since childhood so I have been riding bikes for a long time and have ridden many bikes so far. I ha...

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Hero Maestro Edge User Review by – Zihad Jony

I purchased this Hero Maestro Edge bike on 20th August 2022, there were many scooters of other brands in the market when I bou...

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Hero Ignitor Techno User Review by – Ekramul Haque

I always like prefer to use unique bike. I keep looking for different types of bikes available in the market because I need a ...

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Hero Ignitor Techno user review by – Kamaruzzaman

For my job purpose, I have to travel around 50 to 60 kilometers every day with a bike. I realized that I need a good bike that...

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Bike Tips

Reason behind low mileage

Bike mileage becomes a very important factor while buying a bike, because nowadays the price of fuel has increased more than b...

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Positive and negative side of installing wider tire

Bike manufacturer spend a lot of time for the research and development, because they use the best parts and accessories accord...

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Tasslock user review by Rimon Mahmud

Assalamualikum, I am Rimon Mahmud, I have to use bike for daily routine work and I have installed Tasslock security system on ...

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What is engine brake?

When talking about brakes or braking on a bike, one thing must be talked about, that is the engine brake and it is a very impo...

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Reason behind Hard Gear Shifting in bikes

Clutch, Brake, Gear, Accelerator etc. are some of the important things in riding a bike, and through all these the bike is run...

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Important maintenance tips for a bike

Maintenance is very important for long-term use of a bike, because if you do not take care of the bike, you will not get good ...

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Positive and negative side of choke in bikes

we get use to with some of new words which is related to bikes and choke is one of them, because there is a part in carburetor...

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What is the reason behind overheating engine

Engine overheating is a common problem in warm weather countries like us, due to overheat we have to face many kind of situati...

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What is the reason behind engine overheating?

Engine overheating is a common problem in warm weather countries like us, due to overheat we have to face many kind of situati...

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Lifan Service Tips

For a smooth ride, your bike needs proper service. Bike mileage, engine performance, etc. depends on the proper servicing of y...

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Bike News

350cc Bike of Yamaha in Bangladesh if High cc Bike got Approved

From bike lovers to ordinary people, everyone suffers from some kind of unspoken fantasy about this matter that if one day hig...

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Yamaha Bike Price in Bangladesh September 2023

From 125cc commuter bike to 150cc sports commuter and sports Yamaha bikes, the demand for Yamaha bikes in the Bangladeshi mark...

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TVS Bike Price in Bangladesh September 2023

In the domestic market among the top 5 reputed brands, TVS has positioned itself well. Since the company's establishment in 19...

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Hero Bike Price in Bangladesh September 2023

Hero is a very popular motorcycle brand in the market of Bangladesh which has been running their business from the beginning. ...

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Lifan Bike Price in Bangladesh September 2023

Lifan Bike Company has won the hearts of bikers in Bangladesh by providing affordable sports bikes and its sole distributor is...

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Hero Motorcycle is now on only Tk. 17000 down payment

Hero, one of the best bike brands in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh, is available for cash payment of Tk. 17000. Accompa...

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Ministry of Home Affairs approved 350cc bike on Bangladesh

Ifad Group Vice Chairman Mr. Taskin Ahmed told the media that the Ministry of Home Affairs has given final approval in this re...

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Zontes Bike Price in Bangladesh September 2023

In the market of Bangladesh with new features and design bikes, Zontes is constantly attracting the bikers. Since the beginnin...

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Yamaha giving special discount on bike exchange Once again

If we are to judge the accessory facilities including discounts, the comparison of Yamaha in the Bangladesh market is Yamaha i...

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Features of carburetor and FI bikes

There are 2 types of fuel system in bikes; carburetor and fuel injection (FI), we can see carburetor fuel system in under 150c...

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Motorcycle Dealers and Showrooms in Bangladesh
Showroom NameBrandsDetails
MR Bike CornerTVSDetails
Bikers DreamTVSDetails
Bajaj Bike CenterBajajDetails
Bike CenterYamahaDetails
Bikers GalleryYamahaDetails
NS Bike ParkYamahaDetails
Bike CityYamahaDetails
Paradise MotorsHeroDetails
North Bike StationYamahaDetails
Faith MotorsHeroDetails
Fabia Bike PointYamahaDetails
Bike CenterHeroDetails
Bike CenterTVSDetails
Bikerz Paradise RayerbagSuzukiDetails
Vai Vai AutoHeroDetails
Mridha Bike TradersBajajDetails
Bike CityBajajDetails
Bike ZoneSuzukiDetails
City Bike CenterSuzukiDetails
Bike BazarTVSDetails
Sher Ali Bike CenterBajajDetails
Runner Bike PointRunner, Vespa, ApriliaDetails
Bike BazarRunner, Vespa, ApriliaDetails
Bike WorldHondaDetails
S.D EnterpriseHeroDetails
Axion MotorsHeroDetails
Sagor MotorsHeroDetails
Laboni MotorsHeroDetails
Abrar MotorsHeroDetails
Cosmic Electronics & MotorsHeroDetails
City MotorsHeroDetails
Akib MotorsHeroDetails
Rifa MotorsHeroDetails
Fahim MotorsHeroDetails
New Green AutoHeroDetails
South EnterpriseHeroDetails
Zannat MotorsHeroDetails
Rajib MotorsHeroDetails
Global AutoHeroDetails
N S MotorsHeroDetails
Shahid MotorsHeroDetails
Soyem MotorsHeroDetails
R R EnterpriseHeroDetails
S.M TradersHeroDetails
One EnterpriseHeroDetails
A.R EnterpriseHeroDetails
Rahman MotorsHeroDetails
Gazi AutosHeroDetails
Axion MotorsHeroDetails
Mohona MotorsHeroDetails