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Hero Thriller 160R User Review by – Ruman

Hello, I'm Md. Rokon Uz Zaman (Ruman). I am a user of the Hero Thriller 160R. When the bike was introduced to the market, we r...

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Hero Hunk 150 user review by Srabon Shahriar

Assalamualikum, I am Srabon Shahriar, I have been using Hero Hunk 150 bike for my daily work for 3 years, before buying the bi...

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Hero Glamour 125 user review by Joy Saha

Hello everyone, I am Joy Saha, I have been using Hero Glamor bike for 2 months, it was bought for my daily need and usage, thi...

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Suzuki Gixxer SF FI ABS User Review by – Mahfuzur Rahman

Before buying a bike, the first thing that comes to my mind is the bike's mileage because I have to use the bike for daily com...

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Hero Splendor i-smart 110 feature review

Hero Splendor series has a different dignity in terms of Bangladesh. With the flow of time this bike gets modern features and ...

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Hero passion X pro i3s feature review:

Overview: Nowadays, we can see a very unpredictable motorcycle market, where every brand is trying their level best to provi...

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Hero Splendor Plus XTEC Feature review:

Overview: No introduction needed for the legendary commuter hero Splendor plus. Over three decades this bike is rolling on ro...

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Hero Maestro Edge User Review by – Jayedur Rahman

Age I am a middle-aged person so I need a scooter category bike that helps me to move. Because of preference, According to my ...

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Hero Maestro EDGE 110 XTEC feature review:

Overview: To ease our day today travelling around the city scooters has become very reliable. As a personal vehicle, it prov...

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Hero Maestro Edge User Review by – Taslima Parvin

There were many scooter brands available in the market when I was deciding to buy a scooter and among them, Suzuki, Mahindra, ...

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Bike Tips

Which one is better, 2 valves engine or 4 valves

Engine can be considered as the main part, or the heart of a motorcycle. If the engine of a motorcycle is of low quality then it...

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Motorcycle Registration Process

A. Information about Motorcycle registration: 1. Application paper with the signature and completely filled up from the owner a...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 or RKS 125. Which one should buy?

As a vehicle motorcycles are getting popular in our country. Not only the young age riders but also the people of every age ...

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What mileage which motorcycle provides?

Not only in Bangladesh but also in almost every south Asian country motorcycles are getting popularity in terms of vehicle w...

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Motorcycle Registration in Bangladesh

At the present time we all need better transportation system for our own need. We use different types of vehicles for our tran...

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Types of motorcycle suspensions

Motorcycle suspensions were introduced at the starting of 20th century. At the very beginning suspensions were seen at the fr...

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Pros and cons of cruiser motorcycle

Hands in the high handle bar, legs spread in the front and kept in the comfortable footrest. Cap in the head or open face helm...

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Motorcycle gear shift patterns

Gear is one of the most important things during motorcycle riding. To maintain the speed limitation besides the throttle gear le...

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Motorcycle Vs Scooter: which is right for you?

As a mostly common vehicle of the road Motorcycle merely have any competitor wherever you go and there is nothing new to say about...

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How to clean motorcycle chain

Chain is one of the parts of motorcycle which you can clean by yourself. This is one of important part of the motorbike as well. I...

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Bike News

Hero Is Looking for Dealer

To expand their business in Bangladesh the world's number one manufacturer of motorcycle is looking for dealers. Now you can be...

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Hero Bike Price in Bangladesh April 2024

In the current market of Bangladesh, Hero is a very popular brand for bikes ranging from 100cc to 210cc. Many of their bikes c...

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Time has extended Hero Eid offer

The popular motorcycle brand Hero has extended the offer it announced for bikers on the occasion of the holy Eid-ul-Fitr 2024 ...

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Hero is Back Again

With the name Hero, there is an emotion in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh. From the beginning, Hero has been surprising w...

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Hero Presents Upto Taka 12,500 Cashback Offer

Hero the most popular and reputable bike company in the country market who has brought a cashback offer of up to 12,500 tak...

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Hero Ignitor Techno price in Bangladesh

Hero Ignitor Techno price in Bangladesh is TK. 1, 40,000 (10/03/2024). This is a commuter bike which is mostly used by those p...

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Price of Hero Passion X Pro X Tec in Bangladesh

Price of Hero Passion X Pro X Tec in Bangladesh is TK. 1, 40,000 (28/02/2024). This is a commuter bike which is mostly used by...

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Price of Hero HF Deluxe in Bangladesh

Price of Hero HF Deluxe in Bangladesh is TK. 1, 11,000 (5/3/2024). This is a commuter bike which is mostly used by those peopl...

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Price of Hero Thriller 160R Fi ABS DD in Bangladesh

Price of Hero Thriller 160R Fi ABS DD in Bangladesh is TK.2, 10,000 (27/02/2024). This bike is very much popular among the you...

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Hero Hunk 150R price in Bangladesh

Hero Hunk 150R price in Bangladesh is 1, 93,500 taka (25/02.2024). This bike is one of the most selling 150cc bikes in Banglad...

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Motorcycle Dealers and Showrooms in Bangladesh
Showroom NameBrandsDetails
Mahfuz MotorsHondaDetails
Paradise MotorsHeroDetails
Faith MotorsHeroDetails
Bike CenterHeroDetails
Vai Vai AutoHeroDetails
S.D EnterpriseHeroDetails
Axion MotorsHeroDetails
Sagor MotorsHeroDetails
Laboni MotorsHeroDetails
Abrar MotorsHeroDetails
Cosmic Electronics & MotorsHeroDetails
City MotorsHeroDetails
Akib MotorsHeroDetails
Rifa MotorsHeroDetails
Fahim MotorsHeroDetails
New Green AutoHeroDetails
South EnterpriseHeroDetails
Zannat MotorsHeroDetails
Rajib MotorsHeroDetails
Global AutoHeroDetails
N S MotorsHeroDetails
Shahid MotorsHeroDetails
Soyem MotorsHeroDetails
R R EnterpriseHeroDetails
S.M TradersHeroDetails
One EnterpriseHeroDetails
A.R EnterpriseHeroDetails
Rahman MotorsHeroDetails
Gazi AutosHeroDetails
Axion MotorsHeroDetails
Mohona MotorsHeroDetails
Mahadi MotorsHeroDetails
B.K.M EnterpriseHeroDetails
Niloy Motors Ltd-SylhetHeroDetails
Alisha MotorsHeroDetails
Mollah EnterpriseHeroDetails
New Motorcycle MartHeroDetails
Kashem MotorsHeroDetails
New R.N. Trading CorporationHeroDetails
Al Modina MotorsHeroDetails
Milon BazarHeroDetails
Asia MotorsHeroDetails
Mintu MotorsHeroDetails
Maruf EnterpriseHeroDetails
Jibannagar AutoHeroDetails
Titas MotorsHeroDetails
Shima Auto MotorsHeroDetails
Jomila TradersHeroDetails
Jamuna MotorsHeroDetails
Happy MotorsHeroDetails