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Victor-R Classic user review by Shamimul Karim
2018-09-11 Views: 327
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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Victor-R Classic user review by Shamimul Karim


I have learned to riding bike through one of the famous bike in Bangladesh Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and its been 10 years from now. Next with the flow of time I changed that one and purchased another racing category bike Yamaha R15 V2. This one is one of the best in Bangladesh among the racing category which once you take a ride on it you will bound to take some more. As to say about me, I am something like a amateur type person who frequently change my bike. After using the Yamaha R15 V2 next i purchased a bike which retain the most classy look in this time and it is known with the name “Victor R Classic”. It is good to say that, i was just amazed to see its beauty then I made my decision to purchase this one. Its been almost a month since I am using this bike. I have noticed that, it is rare to find a review of this bike in online that is why I am serving my bikes review through MotorcycleValley and I hope my review will be helpful enough to those people who are thinking to purchase this bike.


At first I want talk about the design of this bike which is just classical same time, classic color is combined in the whole body of this bike and this make this one is just over excellent in its category. Those who are looking for a bike with classic look, I will suggest this bike for you and you better take this one on the top of your choice list. But I personally think that, if the handlebar would have been straight in its size then its look would have better then it is.

Next lets move our focus to the matter of build quality. I can’t be so happy on the matter of buil quality of this bike why because plastics in the rear part are not so strong as it should be same time, all the plastic parts would have been stronger. I hope company will be serious in their next production.

Seating position of this bike is not for long ride why because, I have ridden 300 kilometers in a day and I noticed that its seating position is not so comfortable. If the seating position and the handlebar is little more upgraded then this bike will be perfect for all short of ride. Meanwhile, I have to tolerate vibration whenever I hold the high pick up.

As a Engine of 100cc its performance is fine enough why because I don’t have to wait long to pick up the speed of 80 kilometers per hour. But there is over heating problem in the silencer pipe, vibration in the first gear just realizing full clutch but no problem after adjusting.

On the matter of electrical features, I like its headlamp and switches and I feel negative with its indicator and tail lump. I think that it was nicely possible to upgrade the tail lump and indicator. One of the most amazing matter of this bike is, its mete console is completely classic in look which will make you feel like the meter of a classic bike.

Both the wheel of this bike has drum breaks and I think that to clear a classic look in this bike, drum break is used with the spot rim and I don’t have any negative comments on this matter but one thing is totally wrong to and it is the front break which is no way up to the mark. I am sorry to say that, it would have been better to don’t serve the front break. Rear breaking system is good one and I always prefer to use the rear break because I don’t trust the front one.

According to the structure and design of this bike, its tyre and its size is just perfect same way its gripping ability. Although, the rear wheel often skid during the hard break but workable.
Front suspension is fine enough but not the rear one. Rear suspension I think there is a problem in the bush. Same time, I merely can feel any shake when I am on the rough road even the suspensions performance is like others bike but the bush often make me feel negative.

When I am to purchase this one from the showroom they told me that this will serve me the mileage of 60 – 70 kilometers per liter but currently I am having the mileage of 50 kilometers per liter. I think it is just horrible to have such mileage from a 100cc bike even with such lite weight. I hope company will take the exact steps to make up this matter.

Its price is high in my opinion by considering its performance features and others parts. I that the price will be perfect if the range is under 70,000/- BDT.

I hardly been to the servicing center but whenever I am, they behave so nicely with me. They very much sincere to their customers and always try their best to solve any problem a customer show in their bikes.

Some negative parts in the bike:
-Seating positions quality would have been better
-Front breaks performance is not normal
-Problem in the tail lamp
-Mileage range is not up to the mark
-Suspension emerge bad noise
-Build quality is not so strong as it should be.

At the last I want to say a line directly that you better purchase the bike that you like most. You should not listen to others and damage your hobby and this will be better for you I personally think.
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