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TVS Stryker user review by Abdul Hannan
2018-10-15 Views: 350
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TVS Stryker user review by Abdul Hannan


Motorcycle is the most well known and popular personal vehicle in Bangladesh and the top reason of its popularity is, this vehicle can move very fast ignoring the traffic often the road condition wherever the bikers are. Even a motorcycle helps a lot in emergency situations of our life. It is good to mention that, users of motorcycle in our country are increasing day by day and the number is going high very quickly. Along with the increasing demand of the motorcycles, new models and brands are presented in market with the flow of the time.

My name is MD. Abdul Hannan and I am shopkeeper by my profession. A motorcycle was badly need for my business purpose to maintain my business properly and also in time. I have to travel; a long distance very frequently and due to this reason I thought to have a bike to make easy my way. Then I pay a visit to my nearest showroom in the “Khan Motors” of Puthia bazar. I chosen TVS Stryker 125cc and took it to my home by making this one as mine. Same time, it is good to notify that, I had no choice before I am to the showroom to purchase this one and this one is the first bike of my life. This bike is something like a hidden dream of my life which I never revealed to anyone. I have been using this motorcycle from the last 1 month without any accident and ridden around 850 kilometers in this period of time. Motorcycle is now my must companion wherever I go and from this point of view, I felt a different feelings when I am with my family. This bike make me feel the exact comfort when I riding this one fast on the road and now I prefer bike at first wherever I go. Today I am here to introduce my TVS Stryker 125cc through the light of my experience. If you notice any mistake in my writing then please throw your pardon eyes on it.


At first, I want to talk about the Engine performance of my bike why because I think that engine is the key part of a bike and I am really happy to say that my bikes engine performance is completely up to the mark so far and very much powerful to maze its rider. There is nothing can stop it. I hardly can sense any over heating in my bikes engine. Same time, there is no bad noise inside the engine same time, its sound is quite smooth enough. I am having overall good performance from my engine same time, praiseworthy mileage range.

Now lets move our focus on the matter of design of my bike. I chosen its design after entering the showroom. Its really attract me positively. Its different shape of design in all around and graphics can snatch any ones eye very easily. Build quality of my bike is quite strong in my view and I hope this bike going to support me for a long time. Along with the design of this bike, I have noticed that plastics over its body are quite strong and the parts are excellent enough in quality. Although I never fall on the ground with my bike but I can feel its strong structure. Same time, the design this bike has, I think it is going to be liked by any rider of any age. There are so many bikes in the market and I found its design is slightly different from those even its design is seems like Apache RTR that is why I don't throw my eyes to others bikes rather I purchased TVS Stryker 125cc without any hesitation. I chosen this one just by a look when I am on the showroom.

At this point of my review, I want to uphold the matter of Control and Comfort of my bike. This one is a comfortable enough to me while riding. Its seating position is remarkable why because I am having the exact comfort although it was hard at first but now is ok and comfortable enough. I can ride my bike quite comfortably by sitting over its seating position. Same time handlebar is nicely adjusted with the seating position by which I always feel the exact comfort of riding a bike whenever I hold the handlebar of my bike. But I never cross the speed of 75 kilometers per hour speed as because I don't like to ride bike in high speed. I believe, it is far better smart to save life than the time and this is the only reason of most of the accident I think. Life is more valuable then the time. Even then many of us have to ride bike in heavy speed.

I have ridden my bike 60 kilometers a day and it is better to uphold that I hardly made any long tour with my bike. My bikes suspensions are pretty comfortable and praiseworthy on the matter of quality. Those are hardly let me feel the shake of the rough road wherever I am. Looking glasses are good enough by which I always have the clear view of my back. I liked the breaking system of my bike very deeply why because I never have to think about the proper control even on the emergency situation of the road. As because the front wheel has disc break and this make the control easier then it should be. Switches on the handlebar pretty good to look at and I never feel anything negative to use those. Headlight serve me good quantity of light in the night that is why I always have clear view like day light in night. Al these features are very exciting to me so far. Battery performance is remarkable so far and I hope this is going to support me for a long time. Self start option clear enough till now.

One of the main reason to purchase bike is to have the good mileage. Right now I am having the mileage of 50 kilometers per liter and I hope I am going to have better mileage then this one after running 3000 kilometers. In a word, I am satisfied overall by having the current mileage. Same time, price range is up to the mark and I think I have to cost a handsome amount of money if I choose 125cc bike of others company. So from this point of view, I don't have any complain on the matter of price range as well.

I have been to the servicing center just for once and just to re-fix the nut bolt and to recheck the whole body. I liked their behavior and they are quite sincere to their duty. Environment is just over up to the mark. So by considering these all, my advice to the people who are thinking to have a bike of same segment, you can think about this one seriously why because this will be fit with any rider of any age by all the sides. Its engine performance and mileage is mentionable of its whole features.
At the last wish you all the best for your daily life and have a good journey with your bike.
Thanks to all.

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