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My experience is not good – Runner Knight Rider user Nayemul Hasan


Runner “Knight Rider” is one of the well discussed name of 2017. Its market price was 1,56,000 BDT and engine is 150cc. my name is MD. Nayemul Hasan just from my passion, I purchased Runner Knight Rider in the last 23rd of May 2017. Even I gained 7000/- discount then. So for now, I have traveled 11,111 kilometer and let’s move to my main focus, what experience I have gained and what is my feelings about this bike currently?


First experience
I purchased this bike with a great hope from the Malibag show room and the date was 1st of May 2017. To be frank about this one, it is really glazy, it has excellent sound even stylish more than I expected. As I was passionate about this one, I pain the registration fee on the spot means on the showroom and I faced the first unexpected incident. I demanded the Bank slip after 15 days (this can be collected only a day if one paid this money by self). Somehow I agreed with their system that they submit whole the papers at once. They hand over the papers to me 12-13 days later which means I got them in total after a month later.


Second experience
Now lets move our focus on the matter of bikes performance, 1st 3-4 days its really good, sound is awesome, never cross the speed of 40-50 kilometer as its my new bike, RPM is always inside of 4-5 new bike and inside the break in period so no excitement. But a horrible experience I have sense just after 5-6 days. A bad sound emerging from the bike as like I am on the old bed with my new wife, first night of marriage. I have asked others Knight Rider users even they faced the same problem or not? they console me with the remark that they faced the same but it is solved after the first servicing. Somehow I gained the relief from my heart. I thanks Allah that I have got the solution. I keep waiting for the first servicing. But my dear bike can’t wait for long, he stop me on the road by stuck the gear box in the way that I can’t even move the second gear. I took my bike in the servicing center as I was bound to took it. Servicing center serve my bike, bad sound gone and gear box repaired and problem solved but it was not cleared. Servicing was not so good as I expected. As I have mentioned in the top that I have ridden 11,111 kilometer but problem in the gear box yet not solved completely.

Third Experience
It was somehow clear on the first 5-6 days after 1st servicing. Ignoring the fuel consumption. I sense that my bike consuming over fuel. At first 125cc bike served me the mileage of 45-48 kilometer per liter now I have purchased 150cc bike which serving me the mileage of 26-27 kilometer per liter. I talked with a technician of the servicing center and he told me to run some days with the same mileage, he shows the reason by uttering this will keep your Engine fit on later. I don’t think about the matter seriously because of the technician’s advice. At last after 9000 kilometer I bound to change the carburetor only to save my pocket. Actually I can’t go with the mileage that my bike is serving me because this will put me on the road (I am already on the road somehow with my bike). After changing the carburetor, now I am having the mileage of 35-37 kilometer per liter. More irritating matter I have faced 5-6 days later after servicing, engine lost its continuity and I think that it because of clutch adjustment. I took my bike again in the servicing center and told the technician to adjust the clutch and they did the same thing as I told them but the clutch was overtly tight that I can’t go with it even 3-4 days. So I loosen it by self to relief my hand from the tightness of the clutch. Same time, it was not possible to visit the servicing center again and again. On the other hand, problem on the engine yet not solved properly, I always have to put my bike on light pick up. In this 11,111 kilometer, I have to change the clutch cable 3 times. It is good to mention that, a problem I am facing just after purchasing this Knight Rider and it is the chain about which I never been serious. The chain which lost its tightness very quickly. I have to renew the tightness in duration of 2-3 days. It was ok somehow but recently I felt something wrong in the chain sprocket and it become clear to me that the MR. sprocket had gone just in 2900 kilometer. So once again in the servicing center and told them about my problem but their reply make me feel horrible. I told them to change the chain set, clutch cable become tight, change it also. They told me that, I have to purchase the chain set by my own cost, it is not inside of the warranty. They don’t have any spare parts for which I have to wait 3-4 days for the availability. Now you guy’s suggest me what should I do? I am mentioning these all from my own experience (forgive me if there is any mistake). It would be normal if I have to change the chain set after 5000-6000 kilometer, I don’t even feel anything wrong but it become so rough that I have to change it before 3000 kilometer and from my own cost, what kind of justice it is???
Whatever goes, I changed the chain sprocket and now using the sprocket of “Hero Hunk” so for now it is running nicely.

Fourth Experience
Till now, by riding this Knight Rider, i sense the Engine quality that its condition is not so bad and its speed fluency is good to say (Although, I am a rider of 70-80 kilometer, it would be 2-3 times that I have reached the speed of 100 kilometer per hour). But I have to say that the company use the low quality parts in the bike including Break shoe, Clutch Cable, Clutch Plate, Chain Sprocket, Carburetor etc. Runners servicing center is not so good either. I am using the Engine oil Motul 20w-40 grade after purchasing the bike and that is why I am having the good enough performance of the engine. After 10,000 kilometer, now I have switched to 20w-50 (Technosynthese) grades engine oil and this time I to measure the service of the Knight Rider.

I want to say that, the amount we paid to purchase the bikes of Runner, by the same amount we can purchase a bike of Indian brand but only for the installment people like me attracted to the bike like this. But the company can easily avoid the low quality parts and upgrade the quality of their bikes. Is not it??

Thanks to all the readers to read the whole review with your patient.

MD. Nayemul Hasan, a member of Team Throttler.
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