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Hero Ignitor user review by Moniruzzaman
2018-06-10 Views: 4467

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Hero Ignitor user review by Moniruzzaman


As like Bangladesh is improving its life style and developing day by day same way, motorcycle is upgrading its designation as like an industry in our country. A major number of common people choosing motorcycle as the common media of road transport. From the same point of view, I done the same thing to manage my job easy and free. I ride bike for a long time and I have ridden Passion Pro of Hero and Discover of Bajaj but all were to me from the company in which I done job. Later I thought that, it would be better if I have a bike of my own. As I had ridden the bike of Hero and for this reason a weakness inside of me on this brand by which I was determined somehow to purchase the bike of the same company. It is better to mention that, I was in the showroom to purchase Glamor but Iginitor got my attention in the way that I cannot help to made my decision with it. I purchase thiss one as like a fan of this bike without any hesitation. This one still new one to me and its been 10 days since I am using this one. Shuvo Enterprise is the showroom from where I took it. I found them pretty good in their sincerity. They serve me finely and informed me so nicely about the service. But I think their technician has lack in their adaption. They can do better even they are. I hope I will have the better service that I had the last time. Today I am here to uphold my 10 days experience with you. As you can guess, I am new with my bike so, so many things are totally new to me and this will take time to understand its quality and performance clearly. I may share the actual experience about my bike later any time.


Its look is really exciting and muscular to me. It is almost like Hero Glamor but some slight change in the design by which I choose this one ignoring Glamor. Its graphics design look like to me somehow old and I think company should think about to renew its graphics design. The kits in the front side are strong enough but rear kits are not like the front kits. I have noticed several times that rear kits moving negatively when I am on the rough and tough way.


I can't gain the clear idea about the Engine yet as I am with it only for 19 days. I think that Engines performance is good enough but it seems like it becoming hot very quickly just inside of 30 – 35 kilometers. I think it because of new condition of the bike. Engines power is fine enough to mention this part in a special way. I don't sense any lacking in the Engine of my motorcycle so far. As I am having the Engine performance, same way I am riding my motorbike with comfort. Seating position is comfortable enough but pillions seating position is not so comfortable as like the rider ones why because pillion seating position is thin which is the reason of discomfort of pillion. I have traveled near about 35 kilometers a day and I don't feel anything negative in this period of running. I think, it because of the soft seating position. I don't feel anything like pain in this period of running.

Its control is really good in my view why because I don't have to feel any hesitation or any negative feelings to stop it on time. Even the tyres don't slip when I pull the rakes in emergency situation. I like its control function. Switches quality are like the previous quality and those are good. To me, its I3S technology is good one by which I can save my fuel. As because I am an employee and for this reason very frequently I have to return my home in the late night where I have noticed that, headlamp is pretty powerful to serve the actual light to have the clear view of the front but there is a problem in the headlight when I switch to high vim. It spreads on the upper side roughly which is not normal.

There are so many things in my bike that I loved and there are some negative sides as well. I am in a little bit confusion with the mileage of my bike. Showroom inform me that, this will serve me the mileage of 65 -70 kilometer per liter but I found it on the first date 50 – 55 kilometer per liter. I can't become happy with the mileage.

At the last, my name is MD. Moniruzzaman and I am an employee. These are all from my experience and I am Thankful too all for staying with me. Use helmet wherever you go with your bike.

Good sides:
- Engine
- Break
- Comfortable

Negative sides:
- Mileage
- Rear seat
- Narrow tire

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