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Hero HF Deluxe user review by Rabbikul Islam

2019-10-04 Views: 856
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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This bike purchased from New Alom Motors, Natore

Hero HF Deluxe user review by Rabbikul Islam


Motorcycles of the Hero Company are just my favorite from a long before and from this point of view, I made first visit on the showrooms of Hero when I am to purchase the bike of my own. I have chosen Hero HF Deluxe 100cc as my personal by considering my job and need of travel. Same time, this motorcycle has an excellent look and this one is just according to my budget. I have been using this one from the last 1 year and in this period of time I have ridden it around 5000 kilometers. This one is exceptionally fuel efficient motorcycle. Its price is really suitable for all class of people in my view. Although this one is look like very simple and tiny but its performance is more than up to the mark. Plastics over its body are very strong and the seating position of this one is quite comfortable and good enough for 2 people over this bike but its weight is very lite and this is the reason I have to feel serious vibration when I pick up high speed. Its gear shifting system is very easy for me. I have ridden my bike in the night several times often regular basis where I am comfortable to have the clear view of the front. I am still feeling easy with the switches located on my handlebar. From the last 1 year in which I have been using my motorcycle, these are the good sides of my bike so far I have measured:

-Mileage range is very reasonable and it is just expected from a bike of Hero
-Graphical designs over this motorcycle are remarkable
-Build quality is strong enough and I think this will durable enough
-Seating position is long and wide enough
-Price is finely reasonable

At the same time these are the negative sides of my motorcycle which I have measured by using it:
-Engine is not so powerful as it should be as a bike of 100cc
-Wheels are narrow that always irrupt to have the exact control over it

When to talk on the matter of reasons to choose this motorcycle:
The main reason to choose this motorcycle is its mileage range is more than up to the mark and its price is quite reasonable for me. The shape of this motorcycle finely matches with the shape of my body.
As I am loudly talking on the matter of mileage of my bike so it is good to mention the actual mark of the mileage of my bike. Right now I am having the mileage of 50 kilometers per liter when I am riding my motorcycle on the highway then I am having the mileage of 60 kilometers per liter.
My motorcycles breaking system is not so updated. Both the wheel has drum brake and same time; wheels are narrow which irritates me to stop this bike right on time. It skids even after pulling the brakes on emergency basis. On the other hand, I am having remarkable engine performance but it is not as powerful as an engine of 100cc. engines sound is quite smooth and I hardly can sense any problem on the engine so far. At the last I want to say that if you looking for a bike with remarkable mileage then you can choose Hero HF Deluxe 100cc. As I have been using this one so I can say you will be happy with its overall performances. I am comfortable with this motorcycle in my rural environment.

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