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Haojue DR 160S Features Review

2018-08-31 Views: 7102

Haojue DR 160S Features Review


On April 21st, at the China (Jiangmen) International Motorcycle Industry Expo site, Haojue released DR160S motorcycle at the 160cc segment, both from the power and the vehicle configuration; it is comparable and ready to compete with the same level of Japanese and other branded motorcycles. The DR160S is almost out of the original style of Haojue, focusing on two things and the two things are the demand of times and the temperament of the sport. The style of the vehicle is bolder and more pure, and it is aggressive and subversive. In a sense, the emergence of DR160S is a major breakthrough in the direction of personalize and differentiation of Haojue products.

According to the information released by the product briefing, the DR160S is not simply an improved model under the strict emission standards of the State but a flagship model in the same class that Haojue is determined to build. The target group of the sporty DR160S is clearly a new generation of young riders with higher requirements. So now it is time to check out the product detail which will help the users or interested buyers to know about this bike better.

Key Features
- Inverted front shock absorption and central rear shock absorption
- Full vehicle LED light source
- HJIS chip anti-theft
- CBS front and rear linkage brake system


Design and style
Haojue DR160S is a naked sports category motorcycle and it comes with aggressive and bold style. A split-type low handle, the gripping and the curved seating position gives this bike sporty posture for sure. It is lighter with the chassis and more compact than the previous products. While ensuring the dependability in the traditional sense, the new body system is more comfortable and sporty of this bike than the others of Haojue. The design and configuration of the DR160S has broken the impression that Haojue used to commute for the past. At first look, Haojue DR 160 seems like a total package, from the angle of the headlight to the edge of the grab rail, this bike is full of style. One of the most attractive things that hold the attention is the headlamp which looks mechanized, and after that the overall curved design of the fuel tanker with sporty cowlings and curves with a black lookalike strip finish in the middle section. Along with that the used body kits and the color combination makes the design more impactful. Next to that the stylish alloys, disc plates, the air scoop under the engine etc those are not only works but also looks gorgeous.


Engine side features
Since Haojue wants to be determined to improve on their bikes, the power of the DR160S has become a hot topic. According to the official announcement, the DR160S contains an air-cooled single-cylinder two-valve international five-speed engine. Its maximum power is about 11kW (8000 RPM), the maximum torque is 14Nm (6500 RPM), and the compression ratio is 9.65:1. Not only that but also DR 160S had better power-to-weight ratio than the same model in this segment. In the case of EFI, it uses the Japanese Denso smart EFI system to make the engine more effective on its overall performance and especially the mileage.


Meter and electrical
The meter panel includes full digital instruments. This stylish meter panel features speed counter, Rev Counter, and all of the standard features.

Talking about the electrical sides this bike has many things to talk about. The Haojue DR160S adopts high-reliability LED light source for all the electrical features like the headlamp or indicator and also realizes the nighttime lighting function reminder on the handle of the handlebar. The headlights of the DR 160S are designed for the armor. The light source is divided into two levels. The lower level is the lens design. The white LEDs on the left and right sides are the night light source. The HJIS chip anti-theft technology is also the first appearance in the Haojue model. So as a high-profile entry-level performance bike, the body configuration is an important indicator of its high-end identity and luckily this bike has some.


Suspensions and brakes
The DR160S is very important in the suspension design of the driving system. The Japanese brand KYB placed inverted front shock absorber (upside down) front suspension which is first appeared in this Haojue bike and the central rear shock absorption (Mono) is placed by KYB. The purpose of enhanced shock absorption is to provide more stable control in more intense driving and increase the driving confidence of the rider.

In terms of the brake system, the DR160S is equipped with CBS front and rear linkage brakes. Its main function is that the CBS system will properly distribute the braking force to the front and rear brakes when the rider hit the front brake or the rear brake separately. The front brake is configured as a NIISSIN three-piston one-way caliper with a 276mm diameter brake disc. The rear brake is a single-piston one-way caliper with a 220mm brake disc. Although the DR160S is not equipped with the ABS brake system for the time being, the intimate and safe configuration in the same level of competitive models is undoubtedly beyond the same level.


Wheel & Tires
The front and rear rims are designed in an internationally popular 17-inch design and they are exception is style as well. The tire measurements are 100/80R17 for the front wheels and 130/70R17 for the rear tires.


After watching the impressive features of the DR160S it can be considered as a well configured bike at its own segment. Now we have to wait until it started performing on the roads and users states their opinions, figures crossed but let us hope for the best.
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Haojue DR 160S Features Review

On April 21st, at the China (Jiangmen) International Motorcycle Industry Expo site, Haojue released DR160S motorcycle at the 1...

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