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Freedom 100 user review by Sajal Babu


I am Sajal Babu and at present I am a student. For easy moving at the village roads and also for daily work purpose motorcycle is one of the most necessary things. And after realizing this matter for the last four years I am using a motorcycle named Freedom 100. I use this bike for different purpose and overall I am getting both good and bad service from this bike. Today I am going to share all of my experiences with this bike one by one.

First things first I didn’t like the design of this bike because I think it is very lean in size. I would prefer more muscular size for this bike. But the good thing is after riding t the village roads I figure out that this bikes build quality is really strong. I had fallen for few times as well but no problems took place. So I didn’t like the design but I am satisfied with the build quality.

I am comfortable during my rides with this bike. This bike offers good seating position for riding but it could have been better. But I really dislike the handlebar position and I am not comfortable while I grip the handle bar. Though the electrical switches placed at the handlebar works perfectly but the electrical are not that much capable. Low beam and high beam contains lack of power, even the headlamp is also short of light. That is why night riding is not that much comfortable with this bike.

I haven’t got that much good controlling with this my bike. Vibration at top speed causes lack of control. Sometimes because of the vibration I feel that I will lose my balance. Both side Drum brakes are placed at this bike and for this reason I am not getting satisfactory braking. I have to ride at the village roads every day and I have seen that the suspension doesn’t works properly. Tire gripping is also not acceptable to me. Every time during hard braking tires used to skid, which I really don’t like.

According to me the engine performance is not that much pleasing at all. Less powerful engine is placed at this 100cc bike comparing to others that’s why I am getting low value performance. Mileage is little bit charming of this bike which is 50 KM/L. So the engine performance is average of this bike.

One thing that pleased me most is the servicing center service of this bike. All of the working people of there are well behaved and their cordiality is really pleasing and their servicing quality is also satisfactory.

Finally I think according to the features and performance this bike holds high price tag. And those who want to buy this bike I will recommend please think before you buy because I didn’t like this bike but maybe you will.

Thanks to all.

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