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SWAP Becomes Exchange Partner of Uttara Motors limited

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SWAP Becomes Exchange Partner of Uttara Motors limited

Bangladesh's re-commerce platform SWAP has recently been tied to a deal with Bajaj Motorcycle distributor Uttara Motors. This will help customers to exchange any motorcycle at dealer outlets of Uttara Motors.

According to this new Deal Between UML and SWAP honorable customers can sell their old motorcycle (all brand) & buy a brand new Bajaj motorcycle easily without any hassle by using SWAP's easy-to-use app & instant swap facility. Under this negotiation, the Swap Team will be present at various dealer outlets of Uttara Motors across the country where customers can easily sell their old motorcycles.

Here you can see the summary of SWAP operation module:

Step 1: Offer exchange program in UML showroom through dealer points or online Step 2: If any customer wants to exchange an old bike for a new UML bike, they can evaluate the price in the SWAP App/Call or customers can physically visit a UML dealer's showroom. Step 3: Customer agrees with price, visits new UML dealer or branch for a final physical evaluation. SWAP assigned expert technician will visit dealer/branch and conduct a physical evaluation Step 4: If everything is agreed, customer hands over the bike to SWAP representative & complete paperwork Step 5: SWAP directly pays UML dealer or branch manager the amount for bike purchase Step 6: Customer adds remaining balance payable to UML dealer or branch manager and purchases new bike, considering the UML payment policy. Step 7: After having received full & final payment the UML dealer or branch will deliver the new bike to the customer.

Without that the SWAP Team will attend different arrangements of any Mela/Exchange/Program by UML.

To find out the details you may visit Swap Official Website

SWAP Hotline Number: 09643207212

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