Six young bikers win Keokradong traveling by bikes Bangla Version
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Six young bikers win Keokradong traveling by bikes


From the younger ages we are crazy about bikes. So we have left the sign of tyres on the Bangladeshi roads. Our aim is to left the print of our bike's tyres on everywhere and today our dream came true. Most of our team members have already traveled 64 districts of Bangladesh. This time we traveled to the Keokradong, lets share the story now.

We are 9 bikers made a plan. We want to go to Dim Hill with one of our expatriates fried named Mohammad Ali Ashraf Khan (hero). According to plan we 8 bikers Mohammad Ali Ashraf Khan (hero),MRK Mamun, Mehedi Hassan Jewel, Kawsar Khan,AB Istiaqe, Naveed Ishtiyak Toru, MD. Wali, Rafiqul Islam started our journey on 31st January. Before the journey according to the order and discussion of Mohammad Ali Ashraf Khan (hero) and MRK Mamun our leader of the tour will be Naveed IshtiyakToru and the total management will be taken care by AB Istiaqe. We 9 bikers all jumped on the tour. The war is started! We fought with the fog on the roads and reached in Coxbazar. We played with the water of sea after reaching the hotel.

Next morning 2nd February we were taking preparation for going to the Dim Hill according to the plan and sidle at that time one of our crazy younger brother named Sakawat Hossain Rakib came to us ridding bike the whole night. We take our breakfast together and start to Dim Hill. The roads were not straight and after enjoying the Dim Hill we went to Thanchi. Next day 3rd February saturday Mehedi Hassan Jewel get sick and we have to left Kawsar Khan, MD. Wali to take care of him. So we were now 6 men left.

When we were taking tea one of our friend speak for going to Bogai. We all agreed with him at once. And the next operation is to Bogai is confirmed. We don't faced any problem to go to Bogai as we already traveled Dim Holl before. But Boga Lake is totally unknown to us. Taking the name of Allah we stared our journey from Y Janang to Boga.

We go to the Ruma on bikes on the zigzag roads of the hill. In Ruma we took the permission of Army and Police. And took a guide named Sumon Datta and go for Komla Bazar. There was construction work on the roads, the full way was totally round and zigzag. We never could make out handlebar straight.


We reached the Komla Bazar very hardly. After that we reached the real road of Boga. The road was going straight towards the sky. We all were scared. The sun was exactly on the top of our head and trying to see our scary faces. We looked at aour feet.

In the name of Allah we started our bikes with a unknown power and close our eyes and the real game started. We were ridding upwards. Whenever we thought of the danger we turned the engine off with the gear. We were crazy but we don't lose our mind. Without any accident we reached Boga.

Boga Lake welcomed us with dust. The cool water of Boga Lake touches both our body and soul. Yes! We have won Boga Lake and another experience has added in our list the dangerous Boga road.

We achieved more courage. We told the guide Sumon that we want to go to the Keokradong at any cost. Sumon looked at us and told us that we can do it as we have the courage and we are at home at ridding. Next day 4th February we woke up and surprised! There were only 2 toilets for the whole cottage! We waited and after fresh up we started our journey towards Keokradong. We have to won Keokradong with bikes.

After going a little ahead we were totally shocked. The road was so high and dusty. People was climbing the hill hardly with a bamboo. Whatever we reached the Keokradong by lots of straggle. We were so much hungry we ate rice than.

After taking the permission of authorized authority we reached the highest peak of Keokradong. We cannot even believe in ourselves that we did it. Yes! We did it after a long and hard tour we have won the Keokradong with bikes.


We started for Dhaka after taking lots of pictures. We thought that it might be hard to go down but it was easy. All the bikers was very at home and brave. We reached Dhaka on 5th February at 6 o'clock with lots of experiences with us.

As a Bangladeshi tourist biker we are the first to won the Keokradong with bikes. We are very much happy and excited to reach the highest peak of Keokradong. We consider this achievement to all the Bangladeshi bikers. This achievement is not only for us but also for all the bikers of Bangladesh. Long live all the bikers and long live humanity.

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13 February 2018, Evening 6:22

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