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Mahindra Gusto RS vs Walton Fusion 125 features comparison

Mahindra Gusto RS Vs Walton Fusion 125

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0.0 / 10
Name Mahindra Gusto RS Walton Fusion 125
Brand Mahindra Walton
Brand Origin India Bangladesh
Made/Assemble in India Bangladesh
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled, SI Engine Single Cylinder, 4-stroke Air-cooling
Displacement(CC) 109.6 124.8cc
MaxPower 8.0 Bhp @ 7500rpm
MaxTorque 9 NM @ 5500rpm
Mileage (Company) * 0 kmpl 45 kmpl
Mileage (User)* +/- 0 kmpl +/- 0 kmpl
Top Speed * kmph 100 kmph
Gears CVT 5
Weight Kg 122 kg Kg
Seat Height 770mm mm
Fuel Tank 6 Liter 15L Liter
Brakes (F/R) Drum, Drum Drum & Disk,
Tires (F/R) 90/90 - 12 Tubeless , 90/90 - 12 Tubeless ,
Suspensions (F/R) Telescopic, Hydraulic , Coil Type, Hydraulic ,
Good Sides
Bad Sides
Services - 5 Years warranty
- 4 free services
Showrooms/Dealers: 22 31
Price Tk 128500 Tk 92500
Full Features Click Here for full specs Click Here for full specs
* Real value may vary

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