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Mahindra Gusto RS vs Haojue TR 150 features comparison

Mahindra Gusto RS Vs Haojue TR 150

Mahindra Gusto RS vs Haojue TR 150: Mahindra Gusto RS is priced at Tk 128500 while Haojue TR 150 is the costlier one priced at Tk 144000. Mahindra Gusto RS brand origin is India and Haojue TR 150 brand origin is China. Haojue TR 150 is the more fuel efficient one with a claimed mileage of 50 kmpl while the claimed figure for Mahindra Gusto RS is 0 Kmpl.
User Ratings
nan / 10

8.0 / 10
Name Mahindra Gusto RS Haojue TR 150
Brand Mahindra Haojue
Brand Origin India China
Made/Assemble in India China
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled, SI Engine Air-cooled, 4 stroke, Single Cylinder
Displacement(CC) 109.6 149
MaxPower 8.0 Bhp @ 7500rpm 8.3 KW @ 8000rpm
MaxTorque 9 NM @ 5500rpm 11.4 Nm @ 6000rpm
Mileage (Company) * 0 kmpl 50 kmpl
Mileage (User)* +/- 0 kmpl +/- 35 kmpl
Top Speed * kmph 110 kmph
Gears CVT 5
Weight Kg 145 Kg
Seat Height 770mm 725mm
Fuel Tank 6 Liter 11.5 Liter
Brakes (F/R) Drum, Drum Disc, Drum
Tires (F/R) 90/90 - 12 Tubeless , 90/90 - 12 Tubeless 90/90-18, 110/90-16
Suspensions (F/R) Telescopic, Hydraulic , Coil Type, Hydraulic Telescopic, Twin shocks
Good Sides - Modern look
- Powerful engine
- Comfortable
Bad Sides - Low mileage
Services - 5 Years warranty
- 4 free services
- 1 Years warranty
- 4 free services
Showrooms/Dealers: 18 60
Price Tk 128500 Tk 144000
Full Features Click Here for full specs Click Here for full specs
* Real value may vary

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