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TVS Stryker 125 user review by Kabil Uddin


At first, I better introduce myself. My name is MD. Kabil Uddin and I'm from Bagatipara, Natore at the same time, I'm a government service holder. My office is far away from my home. I use motorcycle when I come to home but it is far and cry. Its something like a dream to me to ride a bike and whenever I get any chance to ride, I rarely miss it. You can say that, riding a bike is something like a passion to me and beside this, I feel the need of a bike to complete my daily tasks and from this need I purchased “TVS Stryker 125cc”. I don't use any bike before this one. This one is my first own bike. Currently TVS is one of the top most brand in Bangladesh and from this point of view, I don't hesitate to purchase this one. “TVS Stryker 125cc” has a nice design and very much smart in look. As the each of things or product have the both positive and negative sides, same have my bike is. Its almost been a year since I'm using this one and from this point of view, I can share with you both the positive and negative sides of this bike to you guy's.


Its engine is well powerful and much better. From the beginning it serving me so well to mention. As I have mentioned in the top that I have to travel a lot due to my office purpose and the distance is like Rajshahi – Dhaka and again Dhaka – Rajshahi. After a long ride like this, I don't feel anything negative from this one. If I have to say specifically about the engine, then I can say anyone will be happy with its performance. Comfort is good to mention. As its height is just perfect by which I feel pretty much comfortable during ride this one. Seating position is good and same as the seating position its handlebar is also in a well position by which I never feel any back pain even after a long ride. Switches on the handlebar serves so well that I have nothing to say anything new about those. As 125cc bike, its headlamps light is just enough to me as I don't feel anything less of its brightness in the night.


Its design is so good to me same time, its build quality is also strong so far I have felt. Its graphics on design is really extra-ordinary and its strong structure makes it more attractive. For these all, I have nothing to say anything negative about the design and build quality. Controlling is also very nice even in the top speed I don't have to feel any tense to control this bike. Same time, it never vibrates in the top speed. Shock-up works so well that it very hard to feel any shake of the road. Tyres has the grip which is well enough although in the hard brake rear wheel slightly skid but having all these, I would like to say that, its suspension and braking is much better and I'm just happy with it.


I'm pretty much happy with its fuel expense. Currently I'm having 55-60 kilometer per liter. This such of mileage in this bike is really impressive. But this won't be so bad to expect little bit more. And from these points of view, I can say that this bike is really good and well mileage server. Which is hard to get from the others bike of the market. But I don't pay any visit to the servicing centers and don't heard anything bad about them.


Good sides:
- Nice design and build quality
- Easy to make long tours
- Good mileage
- Engine and each switch works very nicely

Negative parts
- Better to have little better mileage
- Braking system could be upgrade

In this price range, this one is the best according to my view. I'm happy with its price and I think its a matter luck to have a bike like this in this price range. Its a commuter bike with a nice design and look. One of the most important part of this bike is, anyone could ride this without thinking about his age. As this one has well look same it has the gentleness. If someone wants to purchase it then I'm pretty happy to say that this one far better then any others bike in the market and from this view, you can purchase it without any hesitation. I believe, you are not going to make any mistake.

Thanks to all.
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