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Loncin GP user review by Asad Shawon


At these days many Chinese motorcycle brands are offering different types of motorcycle to the Bangladeshi motorcycle market. Those bikes are becoming popular also for their outstanding looks, colors, new features and the most importantly reasonable price. Among them Loncin brand is included and Loncin GP150cc motorcycle is now one of the great topic to gossip about amongst the motorbike lovers.

My name is Asad Shawon and I have purchased this new arrived motorbike named Loncin GP 150. After riding 1500 Kilometers I am presenting a short overview of my own about this bike for those brothers and motorcycle lovers who are waiting for the review of this new bike.


Good sides of Loncin GP
- Without any doubt those riders who loves sports type bikes will love the bike because it has ready pickup power which offers 0-60 with in very short time.
- One of the best sides is its awesome controlling. Though the bike is on high speed you can stop this bike very easily.
- This bike contains both side disc brakes and for this reason it offers smooth braking.
- Because of the handle bar of this bike you will feel great comfort.
- Low beam of the headlight is very powerful so extra lights don’t need to be added.
- Side lights give this bike an extra ordinary point of view.
- Suspension of this bike is very soft and smooth that’s why you will get comfort ant any kind of roads.
- This bike doesn’t skids because of the both side wide tyres.
- Powerful horn.
- comparing the sound to the high level sports bike, no big differences will be found and I think they are similar. So no need to add extra hollers I guess.
- Comfortable seat and the seating position.
- Seating position and the handle bar has great consistence. That’s why no worries about back pain.
- Because of the heavy weight this bike don’t vibrates at high speed.
- Smooth gear shifting.
- Available spear parts at the showrooms and the price is not so high, so no stress about the parts.
- Most loving part is its looks. When you will ride this bike at the city roads people will definitely observe.


Bad sides of Loncin GP
Every single vehicle along with bikes has bad sides along with goods. So here are the bad sides of this motorcycle which I am talking about.
- Mileage of this bike is very lesser than the other bikes, thus this is s high cc sports category motorcycle so 30 KM/L mileage is not so bad at all I think.
- Comparing to the low beam of the headlight, high beam gives lesser glow.
- When the headlight is on, power of the horn reduced than the other point in time.
- Riding for a long time at the low RMP this bike produces a bad sound bad at the high RMP it is fine.
- Seat height of this bike is higher than other bikes so the short height riders can face difficulties at the controlling.
- Because of the heavy weight (155 KG) non professional riders can face problem at the crowded roads.
- At extreme muddy roads this bike skids.
I have recently finished the break-in- period of this bike so I will notify the exact top speed and pick-up power as soon as possible.
At last it can be said that bad sides of this bike is not so worst at all and those can be ignored. According to the price of TK 160000- TK 180000 this bike is one of the best amongst all.

This bike can fulfill the demand of a sports bike with its controlling, comfort, ready pick-up, top speed and the exceptional outlooks.
One thing we must bear keep in mind that durability and long life depends on good care. If we don’t take care of our bikes then we cannot expect its long time service life. And I think good take care can ensure the long lasting life of this bike as the other popular bikes of popular brands.

This is my first review about motorbikes, if any mistake occurred then I beg of Marcy. Most importantly these are my own experience with my bike and I provide all my personal incidents with my bike for those who want to know about this bike not for creating difficulty for others. All the opinions can differ.


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