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H Power Bike Price in BD 2023

H power is one of the affordable budget friendly bike brands in bd. In this brand over views page we have mentioned all H Power bike price in bd, all H Power Showrooms list in bd as well as offer news and user reviews.

H Power Bike price in BD 2023

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S.N. Bike Name Engine CC Price in Bangladesh
1 H Power CRZ 165 165cc Tk. 185000 Details
2 H Power Escort 110 110cc Tk. 109500 Details
3 H Power HP125 125cc Tk. 145000 Details
4 H Power HTM R1 Buler 165cc Tk. 295000 Details
5 H Power HTM RE Racing 165cc Tk. 265000 Details
6 H Power HTM RZ3 165cc Tk. 280000 Details
7 H Power Max Z 149.7cc Tk. 155500 Details
8 H Power Premio 96cc Tk. 70000 Details
9 H Power Robot Z 149.7cc Tk. 195000 Details
10 H Power Star 100 100cc Tk. 92500 Details
11 H Power Star 80 80cc Tk. 84000 Details
12 H Power Super R 100 97cc Tk. 99500 Details
13 H Power Zaara 100 98.4cc Tk. 99500 Details
14 H Power Zaara 110 Digital 106.67cc Tk. 105000 Details
15 H Power Zaara 110 V2 107cc Tk. 109500 Details
16 H Power Zaara DD80 87cc Tk. 88000 Details
17 Loncin CR 3 165cc Tk. 178500 Details

H Power Bikes (Presently Not Available)

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Bike Name Engine CC
CFMoto 150 NK 149.40cc View Details
H Power Cherry View Details
H Power CRF 150 150cc View Details
H Power Dark 149.7cc View Details
H Power Escort 125 125cc View Details
H Power GP 165 165cc View Details
H Power Max 149.7cc View Details
H Power Max Z 2 150cc View Details
H Power Rainbow 110 110cc View Details
H Power Recover 100cc View Details
H Power Robot 149.7cc View Details
H Power Robot CR5 149.7cc View Details
H Power Rox R DD 150cc View Details
H Power RoxR 150cc View Details
H Power RSZ 149.7cc View Details
H Power RZ3 150cc 150cc View Details
H Power Smart View Details
H Power Super R 110 110cc View Details
H Power V Six 123cc View Details
Hyosung Aquila 125 125cc View Details
Loncin GP 150 149.9cc View Details
Loncin GP 200 197cc View Details
Loncin GP 250 223cc View Details
Zaara 110 106.67cc View Details

H Power News

H Power showrooms in Dhaka
H Power showrooms in Dhaka
MotorcycleValley 2023-08-28
If there is any company that imports and supplies bike lovers in Bangladesh, especially for the rural public, it is H Power. T...
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H Power Bikes Price in BD January 2023
H Power Bikes Price in BD January 2023
MotorcycleValley 2023-01-11
H Power Motorcycle is famous for two-wheelers in Asia. Motorcycles are the most convenient, affordable, and attractive form of...
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H Power Bike Reviews

H Power GP 165 Robot Z Feature Review

Riding a bike for a rider always feels like a journey to paradise. Riding bikes not only allows us to feel the thrill but also...

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H Power Zaara 110 user review by Shawon Ali

Before I get started my opinion or review about my personal motorcycle I am welcoming you all and want to introduce myself. My...

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H Power Showrooms Bangladesh

About H Power
The brand origin of H Power is basically a Bangladeshi and this motorcycle company distributes various types of motorcycles sourcing from foreign markets as well. Besides motorcycles, the company also involved distributing E-bike, three-wheelers, lubricants, and accessories. In terms of Bangladeshi motorcycle market, H Power arrived in lately and they are getting familiar at the mainstream motorcycle business a few years back. To be precise, they were mainly involved and more concentered in importing and distributing E-bike and Electric Auto-rickshaw in Bangladesh. Later they turned their intentions and getting quite known in the automobile market of Bangladesh. They invested a large amount of capital to introduce complete set of advanced production technology and equipment. Till now, Their Company’s production capacity has reached 50,000 motorcycles per year. Their products covers 4 series of motorcycles ranging from 50cc to 150cc at the first place, but now they added 165cc as well. They also have tri-cycle, electric tri-cycle etc. selling all over in the country.

On the other hand, H Power Motor generally sources its motorcycle and scooters from various vendors and companies from China at the first place and assembled those models under their brand name H Power. However, they kept few models like loncin GP, CF Moto etc. with original brand names. As this company is basically a domestic brand origin, which is there is no importer, Grameen Motors is the official distributor of H Power motorcycles. They have several showrooms and authorized dealer points all over the country. Due to their reasonable price range and wide range of products availability H power seems to be popular among the users these days.
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Best of H Power
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