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Keeway RKS 100 user review by Shahariare Rahman


I'm Shahariare Rahman basically a student and a web developer as well. For a long time I'm using “Keeway RKS 100” and today I'm going to share my opinion and my experience with this bike. At the same time, this review is going to help the new rider or those persons who are looking for a new bike to purchase for their own. I hope, you are going to benefited enough with my review.

I had learned to ride bikes 12 years ago and it was “Dayang 80cc”. At first it was something like an adventure for me to ride a bike and there was no difference for me whether the bike is 80cc or the 150cc. Very next I experience my riding with the “TVS Apache RTR 150” it was a sudden jump for me to switch on the 150cc when I was adjusted with the 80cc bike. It is good to say that, I always prefer “TVS Apache” to “Dayang” because its current pick up and heavy sound always keep me in charm but I never feel comfort with this bike. So for now to say I used two bikes and with the difference of time I have ridden many of my friends bikes. My todays review is going to be a combination according to all of those friends including my opinion specially about “Keeway RKS 100”.


About the Outlook and performance
Maximum of the people ask about the bike that, is it 125cc or 150cc, what is the price of this bike, it is excellent on the look and so many question I have asked from the people. When I replied them that my bike is 100cc and very less piece according to their guess, they are not going to believe my words anyhow. I have traveled so many places and even officer of the petrol pump ask me about the bike that is not it 1500cc? And I replied him that it is 100cc bike. I frequently asked with so many questions like this. I never choose this bike for its excellent look, gentle appearance, disc break or what is the price etc, I think this bike has all the necessary quality or feature which a commuter bike should have and same time, its price is less then any other 100cc commuter bike. I'm pretty much happy with my bike. Its suspension is so well that I never feel any back pain even after a long ride. It is better to mention that, I have experienced 200 kilometer ride and so for now I don't feel any serious problem with it. With this bike I have traveled 3500 kilometer less than 2 months and top speed I found on it 82 kilometer per hour in single ride and 85 kilometer per hour with pillion. When question is about the mileage, right now I'm having this 60 kilometer per liter. It is really very charming for me about this bikes mileage and the performance. In a word, this bike has all the features that a 100cc bike should have in a very reasonable price.


Some good parts of my bike
- Sports and extra-ordinary outlook, it is pretty hard to guess about the power, muscular design and the others things I liked most.
- Its braking, suspension is pretty good. Even after a long tour I don't feel any back pain and this very much comfortable for me so far.
- Fixed light, digital meter, rear suspension is heavy strong and I never feel any problem to make any so called servicing. This parts of this bike make me impressed very deeply.
- Same time, pillion feels very comfortable on its seat.

Some bad parts of this bike
- At first headlights power was high but recently I feel its redicing somehow.
- As a muscular 100cc bike, its rear tyre somehow look like thin to me. Even its me who slided on this bike and fall on the road. As a muscular and heavy bike, its tyre should be wide and then it will has its original appearance I think.
- I'm always facing trouble with the ground clearance and gear liver. This problem not only from me rather all the user of this bike face this problem.
- At the last, I want to mention some advice for the company that, their service center could be more developed and and more wider, they should make available all the common parts, they can enrich their sale volume by appointing skilled Engineers.

Always keep yourself safe on the road.
Stay safe and keep safe.
Happy riding, Safe biking.

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