KeeWay RKS 100 v2 Full Specs

KeeWay RKS 100 v2

Tk 99,900*

Price updated on 2017-12-07

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  • Engine
    99.7 cc
  • Maximum Power
    5.5Kw @ 7500rpm
  • Maximum Torque
    7.6Nm @ 5500rpm
  • Top Speed*
    107 KMPH
  • Mileage* (Company)
    70 KMPL
  • Curb Weight
    121 KG

* Real value may vary. Price updated on 2017-12-07
* This motorcycle is not available in Bangladesh.

  • Pros
    - Sporty Look
    - Faster throttle response
    - Good comfort and control
  • Cons
    - Little bit high price
  • Our Opinion
    Keeway RKS 100 is a stylish motorcycle with full of power and performance

KeeWay RKS 100 v2 colors
  • Black Black
  • Red Red
  • White White
KeeWay RKS 100 v2 Summary

KeeWay RKS 100 v2 is a product of KEEWAY. KEEWAY is the brand of Hungary. KeeWay RKS 100 v2 is Assemble/Made in China. This bike is powered by 99.7 engine which generates Maximum power 5.5Kw @ 7500rpm and its maximum torque is 7.6Nm @ 5500rpm. KeeWay RKS 100 v2 can runs 107 KM per hour and it burns fuel 70 KM per Liter (approx). Its price is Tk 99900. Click Here to find KEEWAY motorcycle showroom near you.

Above mentioned information is not 100% accurate. There is always having a chance to make a mistake to adding information. Generally we collect information from manufacturer website and other reputed sources. Please inform us if you have found any mistake or wrong information.

KeeWay RKS 100 v2 user reviews

0-1000km ridden user reviews

Bike Reviews
  • Keeway RKS 100 v1 user review by Sakib Ahmed Saikat
    Alhamdulillah!! I have completed 2 years with my “Keeway RKS 100 V1” and I have traveled 24000+ kilometer with this bike. In these 2 years, this bike never let me feel any trouble rather this one support me well enough even in the rough and tough roads or in the highways and still serving in the same way. It is better to mention that, I hardly feel this one as 100cc bike as it has excel... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 v2 user review by Mostafizur Rahman
    My name is MD. Mostafizur Rahman and I am a businessman. To maintain and manage my business same time my family, a bike is very much essential to me. It is better to mention that, I am used to with the bike a long before. I have used “Dayang 80cc”, “Walton Fusion 100cc” and many more. As to go with the time, I was thinking to switch into a new one with a good looking and design. Its ... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 22000KM user review by Tanvir Mehedi
    Keeway RKS 100 V1, I have purchased this bike at 13th march 2015 from the main Speedoz Showroom located at Mohakhali Dhaka. Alongside daily travel sometimes speeding and touring with my bike is my leisure activity. Like this way I have passed two years with my bike and it has run 22000 kilometers. By this time my experience level also increased a lot with my bike. I have taken sufficient ti... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 v2 user review by Abdullah Al Mamun
    I personally think among all rising motorcycle brands in Bangladesh KEEWAY are at the top of the list. I believe their product quality and performance both are pleasant. I am Abdullah al Mamun Hasib and by the profession I am HRD at BRAC. And my home district is at Barishal. i was in need of a motorcycle for traveling to my office and that’s why I always think of my own motorcycle. At pres... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 Test Ride users review
    Last few years along with Japanese and Chinese motorcycles other popular branded motorcycles are also being imported in our country. Among those Keeway exists at the top. This motorcycle company has already set their spot very strongly at the Bangladeshi motorbike market because of their superior design and performance, though people of our country hallways have a bad thinking about Chinese ... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 Test Ride Review by Team MotorcycleValley
    In our country one of the most popular statement about china product is “Chinese products are not long-lasting”. But these days world’s most admired brand products are manufactured by china and there is no doubt about their longevity or product quality. Nowadays Chinese products are spread all over the world and they are performing well. The truth is few greedy business person import t... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 user review by Shahariare Rahman
    I'm Shahariare Rahman basically a student and a web developer as well. For a long time I'm using “Keeway RKS 100” and today I'm going to share my opinion and my experience with this bike. At the same time, this review is going to help the new rider or those persons who are looking for a new bike to purchase for their own. I hope, you are going to benefited enough with my review. I ha... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 user review by Rajibul Islam Raj
    Well, I am MD. Rajibul Islam Raj and I'm working as a showroom manager. Now I am going to share my experience with “Keeway RKS 100”. Meanwhile I hope that this will help the visitors of this site to make their decision on the matter of purchasing this bike. I had learned to ride a bike in the year of 2015 and the bike was “Honda-CD80”. Its always been a charm for me to ride new b... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 user review by Shahariare Rahman Shovon
    When I start to put pen to paper for this review my bike has already run 912 KM. Only two weeks had passed I purchased this bike. Though this bike is new my attraction is very high so I ride my bike every day and my curiosity is always about this bikes performance. Actually I didn’t know much about this bike before I bought, I have watched all the bikes at the local market and accordi... English Bangla
  • KEEWAY RKS100 Motorcycle ownership review by Touhid Ahmed Rasel
    From my childhood I have a thought and that was by any means I have to own a motorcycle, nothing else is not that necessary. At present if I think memorize that thought I have nothing to do but laugh. One of the best reasons which I will prefer first will be “motorcycle is an independent vehicle”, no other vehicle will provide this liberty. Very often i wish if I could make a world tou... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS100 motorcycle ownership review by Shahriyar Mahmud Mamun
    Motorbikes are the most loving vehicle around the world at present. My name is Shahriyar Mahmud Mamun and from my childhood I was very involved to pay attention to this fantastic and well featured vehicle. Because of the passion and attraction I learned riding motorbike very early at the teen age. Few days later I decided to buy a motorcycle and started searching according to my budget. After some... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 motorbike ownership review by Kawsar Ali Kanon
    My name is Md.Kawsar Ali Kanon I live in Rajshahi. In modern days motorcycles are one of the most attracted vehicles. From my childhood I was very attracted at this vehicle and I used dreamed of my own motorcycle at the younger age of mine. For this passion I learned riding motorbike very early at the teen age. When I was in honors second year I was asking my father to buy me a motorcycle but my f... English
  • KeeWay RKS100 Bike Ownership Review
    From the childhood I have a dream to buy my own motorcycle. My father never supported me to have a motorcycle, so for three years I had driven my uncle’s Chinese motorcycle with sorrows. After completing my graduation, I got a job and I started to save money to buy my own motorcycle. And I also started to research about motorcycles. Requirement for my motorcycle was fuel efficiency, spe... English
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Bike Ratings by visitors

Total: 249
Design: 64%
Comfort: 60%
Control: 60%
Fuel: 60%
Price: 59%

1=Poor, 5=Average, 10=Best


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Bike ta josh. kothai kinte pabo? showroom address chai.

keeway 100 cc motorcycle thakle photo din. Keeway dekte valo. Mantence kemon janaben. dhaka showroom kothay. Phone number Din

Where is the showroom in Dhaka? I need this bike...

kew jodi bike ta kine thaken kindly aktu janaben ata kemon, engine, mileage kemon, onno sob valo kina... apnar feedback er oppekhai...

keeway 125 bike ta kamon valo na kharap ai bike tar somondha kau jadi bolta paren kmn tahola valo hoi karon ami ai bike ta kinta cacci.

valo ami ata chalassi. Kintu ar mailles akhono dorte parinai.

S.M. Anowar Hossain
Where is the showroom in Dhaka?Maileg capasity ? Made by only china or kuria & chaina ?

honda ta balo .ata made in itali and taiwan.1 liter a45 kilo jay.125 a samna hydrolic.15o ta 2 ta tai hydrolic. honda ata awesome.

honda ta balo .ata made in itali and taiwan.1 liter a45 kilo jay.125 a samna hydrolic.15o ta 2 ta tai hydrolic. honda ata awesome.

ei bike e kono dhoroner problem thakle janaben.ami ekta kinte chacchi. so need to know the good and bad side of this bike.pls comment.

আমি ১২৫ সিসি কিনেছি, চালিয়ে মজা আছে, সমস্যা এখনো হয় নাই, তবে স্টার্ট দেয়ার জন্য কিকার থাকলে আরেকটু ভালো হত।

ami chalasse keeway rkv-150cc, also ride this bike rks-125cc, very nice and comfortable bike, plz call me for details-01716-140001

Mohaimen Rasel
what’s about warranty & spare parts.. is this available in Bangladesh?

বিস্তারিত লিখেন না কেন?

Have a any showroom in Tangail? Please give me mobile no.

That hits the target pecterfly. Thanks!

With all these silly wetsbies, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.

lol no he's got an accent its cllaed Dreamweaver, its from the Adobe Creative Suite (currently Creative Suite 5) and you can see the icon on the top in the intro (Dw). However you don't need it. Basic HTML will do the trick.

I have a doubt  It's about a program with a sciwth statement nested in a while statement i dont know If you let me know your e-mail maybe you can help me with that doubt I have.

Dr. Shahid
Sylhet a showroom ase? Ami 125 rks kinte chachi. Apnara Sylhet a delivery dite parbn?

Dr. Shahid
Sylhet a showroom ase? Ami 125 rks kinte chachi. Apnara Sylhet a delivery dite parbn?

Dr. Shahid
Sylhet a showroom ase? Ami 125 rks kinte chachi. Apnara Sylhet a delivery dite parbn?

Sylhet a showroom ase? Na thkle apnara delivery dite parben?

Azmul hossain
ফ্রন্ট হুইল ১৯০/৯০ কেমন করে হয় বোঝাবেন কি?

vi ai bike ta 1liter oil a koto km jai ....abong er sowroom .natore othoba pabnar address ta obbossoi janaben ....pls pls pls pls

vi ai bike ta ...per litter a koto km jai .and ...soowroom natore othoba pabnai ace kina thakle address & phone number ta den pls pls pls pls pls

100cc market e available, price 116,000.

125 er milage 45kmpl*.

Made in Italy.

Head office at Mohakhali. Spare parts also available upon order.

Im Mahbub from Naohaon

Md.Mamun Khan
ঢাকা মোহাম্মদপুরের আসেপাসে এর শোরুম আছে?১২৫cc and ১৫০cc এর বতর্রমান মুল্য কত?কোথায় পাবো?

Aitar Showroom Mohakhalite...

Bike tar dam aro kom hoila valo hoito but bike ta dakta koira moja asa.

100 ccr mileage kmpl janaben please?

me be menufequre is china not Italy

Nil Misti
I want to buy this bike. Where I can find it? Please give me details all about it\'s.

I want to sell my bike (Keeway RKS 125)for money problem.
Only 8500 km used.
100% fresh. All papers & registration up to date.
Price 1,30,000 taka.
If anyone want to buy this bike please contact to me.
+8801 670 461 916
+8801 970 461 916

গাড়িটা ভাল লাগছে কিন্তু বিভিন্ন লোকেরবিভিন্ন মতামত...
মডেল টাও ভাল....
আসলে কোন দেশের তৈরী বলবেন কি.....
চায়না হলে সমস্যা মনে করছি ...
KPL 45 হলেও সমস্যা নাই...
সবই ঠিক আছে ...
ফিডব্যাক ও ভাল সাজেশন চাই....

১০০ সিসির মাইলেজ কত,কেউ জানলে বলেন।

I have one RKS-125(2012 Model). Used only 14000 Km yet. It is made in China. In city I have got 33+ per Km in city. Don\'t have any problem yet and condition is very good yet.

But for rough user it is not recommended, it is my personal opinion.

কোন দেশের তৈরী দয়া করে জানেবন। টাংগাইলে কোন শোরুম আছেকি?

md. mahbub
Keeway rks 125 bike ta kintaci bike tar mileage koto ? Please user tell me right Information about this bike details. Please please immediately.

07/05/2015 তারিখঃ আমি সিলেট showroom গিয়েছিলাম একটি KeeWay RKS 125 Motorcycle কেনার জন্য. তারা দাম বলে 1,60,000. টাকা.

Allauddin Akhir
For any details for the bike plz call me. Allauddin +8801990 400605

Monjur Morshed
RKS 100 & 125 cc er bangladeshi market price.. mileage ,warranty koy diner

A K Azad Mamun
very comfortable...

ai damer sathe 30000+ korle toh ami bajaj pulsar 150 DTS-i e nite pari,,,,kno keewayr 125 cc bike nibo???

rks125 ar details jante chay......milage; battery volt; hydrolic ase ki; Parts available ki; warrentty koto maser;starting system ;fuel tank litter ; Ignition system TIL ki..... etc janaben plss........

bangladesh e kagojpotro soho koto jabe total keeway 125cc??

md sahinuur rahman
125cc ki red colour bangladesh asa. jode apnadar contact number ta detan..

whate is madin ?

Do we buy keeway rks100v2 by installment.
If possible pls advise installment procedure.

Shishir chakma
আমি একটা ১২৫ সিসি keeway bike কিনতে চাই। বর্তমান বাজার মূল্যে কত প্লিজ জানাবেন।

Raju khan
★ আমি একটা ১০০ CC কিনতে ইচ্ছুক
দয়া কোরে বত্তোমান বাজার দামটা জানাবেনPlz

MD Sabbir
Vai apnera ki bike kisti te den tahole ami kintam

Kazi jakir
আপনারা কি বাইক কিস্তিতে দেন যদি দেন তাহলে বলবেন। আর সিলেট কোথায় আপনাূের শুরুম।

আমি কিস্তিতে নিতে চাই , আপনারা কি কিস্তিতে হোন্ডা বিক্রি করেন , করলে বলবেন । plz

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