Keeway RKS 100 user review by Shahariare Rahman Shovon Bangla Version
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Keeway RKS 100 user review by Shahariare Rahman Shovon


When I start to put pen to paper for this review my bike has already run 912 KM. Only two weeks had passed I purchased this bike. Though this bike is new my attraction is very high so I ride my bike every day and my curiosity is always about this bikes performance.

Actually I didn’t know much about this bike before I bought, I have watched all the bikes at the local market and according to my price and need I was not able to find one. Almost every day I used to saw bikes at online. One day one of my brother named Masum Talukdar messaged me and told me about Keeway RKS 100 and Keeway RKS 125 motorcycles. On that same night I look at the configuration of these bikes at online. I was not comfortable while watching the outlooks of this bike at online so I didn’t pay that much attention. After I watched the Kerb weight and Disc brakes of this bike I made my mind that tomorrow morning I will definitely visit the showroom where ever it is. I also converse with Masum Vai for personal experience about this bike.

At the next I have dialed the number of Rajshahi Showroom and visited their office. Me and my wife went to the showroom and saw the bike but at the first glance that bike was not so attractive. I hopped up on to the bike and my wife took a picture then I saw it suits me.

Now the problem was I didn’t ride this bike at least for once so I didn’t know about the performance. I have asked for a test ride and the notify me after few time that one rider is coming with this bike and you can a have a test ride, though I didn’t ride that bike more than 2/3 minutes. After that I made my mind with my wife and my confusions get away after the showroom employees informed me about all the things I want to know about this bike. So at last I pay the money for this bike.

- During first 450 kilometers ride I didn’t crossed the speed limit over 50 KM/H but once I have tried to know about the speed and I raised up to 70 KM/H with pillion. After I changed the engine oil I have got 80 KM/H speed but the road was crowded so I can’t lift it more and I was alone that time.
- I think this bike vibrates a little bit when it is running on 50-55 KM/H speed but after it crossed 60 KM/H speed it become smoother.
- I have ridden this bike on 80 KM/H speed and I didn’t feel vibration.
- My long journey with this bike was about 100 Kilometers at once but the engine doesn’t get heated.
- Both tyres are slim that’s why at the curved and off roads I have ride more attentively.
- After this bike crossed 70 KM/H speed pillion is required because this bike becomes light weighted on that time.
- After the engine cuts off an odd sound came from the silencer.
- Headlight power remains always the same and it is very helpful at the dark night conditions, no relation with the throttle.
- This bike contains digital meter and it is very helpful I guess.
- Indicator has no sound and for this reason extra sound need to be added which is hassle.

Till now I loved this bike. But those who want to have this bike or any other bike from Keeway must keep in mind that this company has stared business recently, so problem can be faced with their bikes such as parts, service etc. so make sure of you and then buy.
Always wear helmet during bike riding and don’t ride your bike on unnecessary speed.

Stay well, and ride safe.

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