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Bajaj Pulsar 150 user review by Belal Hossain


As the motorbikes become the most common vehicle, I have to choose this bike for my daily purpose of commuting. At the same time, we all know that, it pretty hard to afford 4 wheelers for us specially for the current economic situation of our country due to our income limitation.

Well, I'm MD. Belal Hossan, by profession I am in a job and I purchase this bike to reduce the time distance from my home to office meanwhile, its been 4 years passed with bike. So, it is high time to share a review with you guys I think. At the same time, this will be pretty much help for those who are thinking about to have this bike but cannot decide on the point.

When the first question of a bike is about the design then at first I want to give this bike 5 on 5 on the matter of design and build quality. This is just a perfect bike from all the side of design and build quality. The most important thing of this one is, no one have to think about his age whenever someone wants to sit on it. I just want to repeat the line again that, its design and and build quality just charmed me very strongly.

As the others bike disturb mostly in the long tour, this one so far I found mostly comfortable then others. Its seating position is pretty much comfortable, two person can easily sit on it. Handlebar position is just excellent. I don't found any problem in the switches. Just a little problem with the headlight as I feel it deem sometime.

Well enough, I found it always in control and it never vibrate in the top speed, at least, I don't feel like so till now. Breaking is good enough in all types and condition of the road. Tyres never skid on the hard breaking. On the matter of suspension of this bike, I feel some irritation when I'm alone with it. I will mark this bike 4 out of 5 in the matter control.

Fuel expense is around 50 kilometer per liter but it would be better to go further then it is.
Servicing center is one of the important part of biker and I'm not happy with the service of the service center.

According to the build quality and performance this bike is worth to have 4 out 5 and the price range is just perfect I think.

Good sides:
Seating position is just awesome

Negative parts:
Due to fuel expense, it is hard to ride a long way.

I will advise those people who are thinking to have this bike that, it is good to use less time and comfortable in the long ride same time, if someone serious about to purchase this one then you must have to remember the price and fuel expense.

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