Runner motorcycle prices for June 2017
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Runner motorcycle prices for June 2017


Runner is the leading Bangladeshi motorcycle manufacturing company. All of their motorcycles and scooters are manufactured in our country and assembled as well. In Bangladesh along with Chinese, Japanese, Italian and other motorcycle brands Runner has established them and proved the capability and reliability of their own company. Their main motto is to provide bikes for all kind and class of people. That’s why at the very beginning they manufactured small segment bikes for those who could not pay big amounts for a bike. Nowadays they stated to offer verities of products which other popular company also does. Most important part is they endow motorbikes in very reasonable price according to the features and they also offers installment facilities, so that everyone can have their own motorbikes. There are many available products of this company which are running successfully at the country roads, from bellow the lines let us checkout their up to date prices.

Dayang Runner DY50
One of the 50cc creations of runner offered with good engine performance and features. Last updated price is TK 72000.

Dayang Runner AD80S (Alloy rim)
This motorbike from runner is powered with 80cc engine which can produce good power and torque. Depending on that this bike can give 85 KM/H speed and 60 KM/H + mileage. Recent price of this bike is TK 81000.

Runner AD80 Deluxe
Design of Runner AD80 Deluxe is not as similar as the other 80cc motorcycles of runner. With new attitude which offers decent looks and the same old engine this bike is available at the market. Current price of this bike is TK 83000.

Runner Duranto 80cc
This motorcycle is one of the latest creations of runner. With the power of 80cc engine this small size motorcycle is obtainable in very reasonable price and that is TK 59000.

Runner Cheeta 100cc
This bike is another example of sensible thinking of Runner about the motorbike lovers. This 100cc motorcycle well shaded and configured as a 100cc bike and the mileage and speed are also eye catching. Runner is offering this bike in just TK 85000.

Freedom Runner F100-6A
This bike is not build with Trendy design but the engine condition is not bad at all. God mileage, speed and overall performance are expected from this bike and this 100c bike is available at TK 88000.

Freedom Runner 100cc TROVER
One of the stylish and powerful 100cc segment bikes from runner. Present price of this bike is TK 90000.

Freedom Runner Kite
Runner Kite is a 100cc scooter of Runner automobile. This scooter is well made with trendy design and combination of color. Besides that this scooter also contains good engine performance. Current price of this scooter is TK 80000.

Freedom Runner Kite +
Runner kite + is the upgrade version of the previous model. Plenty of changes are made with this new model, such as the color combination, engines; electrical etc. that’s why the new added price of this scooter is TK 86000.

Dayang Runner Bullet 100cc
This motorcycle from runner is the most loved motorbike and also popular as well. Design, configuration, color combination and the excellent performance of the engine has taken place of the every user’s heart. Present price of this bike is TK 105000.

Freedom Runner Royal + 110cc
As a 110 cc motorcycle this motorbike from runner can be better with the configuration but still it is not bad at the present condition. According to the price configuration runner offers this bike with the price tag of TK 101000.

This motorcycle is basically imported motorbike of runner and the available price of this bike is TK 125000.

Runner Knight Rider 150
Latest and the finest creation of Runner is this motorbike. With great design, shades, 150cc engine and the other configurations, this new creation if offered for the users with the price tag of TK 156000.

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