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Runner Motorcycle Price - January 2018


Runner Automobiles is making their business with proud air as a domestic brand from a long time age. Ultra modern features, reasonable price and others things they are maintaining very keenly to gain the hearts of the customers. Actually, their target is something like to serve a Runner bike in each of the home of Bangladesh. At the same time, they always move forward to introduce new one for the advancement of their customers. Even they are exporting bikes in the foreign countries by crossing the domestic limit. Lets see the features and of each bike and the prices as well.

Runner Bike RT
This 80cc bike has nice design and gentle outlook. Meanwhile, its engine is pretty much powerful than a 80cc engine. The engine of this bike has single cylinder 80cc 4 stroke engine and its full weight is 86kg. This one has only one color in the market and it is Red. Its latest price is 64000 taka.

Runner AD80S Alloy
This bikes engine has 79cc single cylinder and max power is 4.8 kilowatt @7500 RPM and max torque of 5.7 NM @6000 power producible ability. On the other hand, company claim its mileage is 65 kilometer per liter. Its current price is 83000 taka.

Runner AD80S Deluxe
This one has the features and engine but has little different in the design from the previous one and the recent price of this model is 85000 taka.

Runner Cheeta
This 100cc bike almost has all the ultra modern features and its engine has 5.2 kilowatt max power and 6.5 NM torque. Runner claim that this will serve the mileage of 60 kilometer per liter and the top speed will be 70 kilometer per hour. Latest price is 87000 taka.

Runner F100-6A
As you can see the model name, this 100cc bike is just extra ordinary. Its engine has 5.2 kilowatt max power and company claims on it that this will serve 60 kilometer mileage per liter. Current price of this model is 88000 taka.

Runner Bullet
Excellent engine power and well enough gentle looks bike is Runner Bullet. This bike has a powerful 100cc engine which has the max power of 4.8 kilowatt and max torque is 7 NM. Its mileage is 50 kilometer per liter and this will serve the top speed of 100 kilometer per hour as the company claims. By its overall features its latest price is 105000 taka.

Runner Royal+
When we have come to see this model, its is 110cc bike which is very attractive and has a wonderful gentle look which suits with any rider of any age. The engine used in this bike is 110cc powerful engine which serves excellent speed and mileage. Latest price of this bike is 101000 taka.

Runner Kite+
This is the only scooter of Runner which has 110cc engine. Runner is always looking forward to give this scooter all ultra modern features to give a free feel to their customers. Runner claim that this bike will serve the mileage of 60 kilometer per liter and top speed will be 80 kilometer per hour. This scooters latest price is 91000 taka.

Runner Turbo 125
This 125cc bike has all the ultra modern features and excellent body design. Same time, its engine has 8.4 kilowatt max power and 11NM max torque. As the company claims this will serve the mileage of 55 kilometer per liter and the top speed will be 110 kilometer per hour. Its latest price is 130000 taka and the price of Matt series is 132000 taka.

Runner KnightRider
Its the only 150cc bike of Runner which contains all the ultra modern features. Its engine has 11.926 BHP max power and max torque is 12.2 NM. As the company claims upon its that this will serve 50 kilometer mileage in each liter and the top speed will be 120 kilometer per hour. By having all these its current price is 156000 taka.

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Ripon Sarkar
Runner bike tika na

09 January 2018, Midnight 12:04
i want to buy motor cycle please give your shorrom number...01756886825..this is my number...near motijheel

09 January 2018, Midnight 03:48
Mizanur Rahman Apu
সবকিছুই ঠিক আছে....তবে তাদের আফটার সেলস সার্ভিস এবং স্পেয়ার পার্টস সার্ভিস খুবই জঘন্য....তাদের কাছে কখনোই কোন পার্টস পাওয়া যায় না....আর তারা যে দাবি করে নাইট রাইডারে মাইলেজ ৫০ কিমি করে পাওয়া যাবে তা সম্পুর্ণ মিথ্যা কথা....২৯-৩১ কিমি যায় প্রতি লিটারে....রানারের কাছে কমপ্লেইন করে হয়তো ৩৫-৩৬ কিমি পর্যন্ত মাইলেজ করা যায়.....রানারের বাইক নেয়াটা আমার জন্য দূর্ভাগ্যের......

09 January 2018, Afternoon 3:25

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